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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday WordPlay!

It’s time to write: mark, inscribe, put pen to paper, engrave, carve, note, enter, record, jot down, compose, create, generate, produce, fashion, form, build, construct, design, originate, initiate, coin, conceive, commence…what are you waiting for?

Time to get those creative juices flowing! I’ve decided to make better use of this space and practice writing skills that are wasting away as I search and elaborate on the meaning of (MY) life. I’m going to pull writing exercises from different resources weekly and hopefully together we can spread our wings…perhaps even flap them some in the process. Above all, have fun!

This official ‘kick-off’ exercise is coming from a book my MIL helped co-write. It’s called; “Daily Riches -- A Journal of Gratitude and Awareness” and it has various exercises in the art of Journaling. Of course, this in no way lessens the value of the dictionary/poem challenge from last week that MommaB so bravely completed. At first I thought we should do an award for this exercise…but my own personal belief (which no doubt does not align with everyone else’s, and that’s OK), is that writing IS art and art should not be ‘graded’ as it is a personal outward expression. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder afterall.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” - Theodore Roosevelt

The activities to choose from today include:

1. Write any word at the top of a page. Set a timer for 5 minutes and without stopping to think or question your thoughts, write down any ideas that come to mind with regard to this topic.

2. Take a walk with a camera. Take pictures as you see the world differently or notice different things. Write about the things you see or share the pictures.

3. Sit in a comfortable room and describe the different colors and textures you see, or close your eyes and describe the sounds or smells around you.

I’m going to go with #1. I’ll be right back with my entry…

A princess. Long hair. A rosebud. The sun as it falls behind the ocean.
The smile between two people in love. A horse. Eye of the Beholder.
God’s creation. The sites as you pull into your neighborhood after a long trip away.
A grandmother holding her first grandchild. A mother holding her newborn child.
Pretty. A kind gesture or deed. A REALLY big mistake.
Sunshine after rain. The mirror to our souls.

There it is! Looks a lot easier than you might imagine…because I wanted to go “clean it up”. I also wanted to change wording, etc…but I didn’t! Week 1…check. Let me know via comments if you want to participate so I can come check out your entries! Also, if you know of good resources with writing exercises let me know! I’m thinking of trying one that Jules at Maced with Grace was doing for a while! It’s under her “Pen in Hand” category.
Blessings for a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday!


MommaB said...

Woohoo! I love it, love it! I accept the challenge... and am SOOOO THANKFUL that a dictionary is not involved this time!

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. As you will see from my post today... they did NOT go unheard! It's good to really be Home!!

great2beme said...

To me beauty is also seeing a bald woman or man who just got the news that the cancer is gone and the hair will grow back! They fought the hard fight and they have a beauty like no other. As for doing your excercise myself I will have to think on it, but thanks for the challenge.

Kristen said...

Wow! What a great idea! I'll participate in the challenge. Check back with me in a little while so I can give my creative juices a chance to get flowing! :-)

Sally said...

I love your thoughts on beauty- no time to take up your challenge but I'll try to check back and see what you are doing.

HeyJules said...

What a cool idea! And yes, must one day get back to my weekly fiction writing. Oh how I need to win the lottery so I can fit everything into a regular day!

Tess said...


Kristen said...

I did mine! Come see it!

Anonymous said...

Too bad I'm not creative or I would try your challenge! :)

Anonymous said...

That was "G" by the way.

cathy_bythesea said...

I think I will take pictures today! Love your blog. Will visit again sometime soon :)

Overwhelmed! said...

I love this idea! One of the biggest reasons I started to blog was to get back into writing. This will help that even more!

I've obviously missed this week's exercise. Will you get back to me next Wednesday to remind me to participate? I'd appreciate it!

Oh, and I agree, in my humble opinion, no awards should be given unless you give one to everyone that participates. :) It'd be discouraging for anyone not to get an award.

Overwhelmed! said...

Hey, guess what. I just thought of something I have.

It's called "The Writer's Block" and it's 786 ideas to jump-start your imagination.

If you ever run out of ideas and need me to host a lesson, let me know. I can pull some ideas out of this little book! :)

Dawn said...

Come to Colorado! We'll have a blogger's lunch.

Jessica said...

That sounds like a neat and interesting idea! :)