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Friday, June 23, 2006

Kansas City....Kansas City here I come....

I'm going to Kansas City...Kansas City here I come...they got some crazy blogging women there and I'm a gonna meet me some!

If you know the song AND artist you win 10,000,000 points in this game of life!

I am SO looking forward to the Bloggirls luncheon in KC tomorrow. If you haven't received the information on this little "to do" contact Shalee right away TODAY! for the map, invitation, etc.

My sister tried to sideline us before we even headed out. She was in the hospital yesterday with a kidney stone! Good grief...something a little less dramatic would have worked just as well! Well, my sister was never one to do things half way! LOL!!! Gotta love her, she's the baby!

So, pending the passing of above referenced 'stone' and collection in (apparently hilarious male-invented) cup with strainer, we will indeed head North (not to Alaska) but to KC bright and early Saturday a.m. I understand we will be driving alongside some other "Okies" and perhaps we'll even share a "Loves" stop with them, though we won't know til we get there! What fun this will be.

Say a pray about the stone if you remember...Chell' is asking God that He shrink it and it falls out without pain or problem! So if you'll just pray in agreement, that would be wonderful (or anything alnong those lines).

Have a perfectly beautiful weekend! I can't wait to post about new meetings and greetings and I more importantly can't wait for some "promised" cookies from my friend Shalee!

Blessings for an AWESOME Friday!


Kristen said...

Have oh so much fun! Wish I could go. I love Kansas City. It's a fun place. I lived near there for a year when I was going to college (when I was actually college age!) and had a lot of fun times in good ole KC!

Can't wait to hear all about it!

Sally said...

have a great weekend kim- waiting to hear the news...

Sally said...

praying about the stone

Joy M. said...

Lord, is it possible to anesthetize (sp?) supernaturally for this stone? Or disolve it completely away? Whatever, I ask that it pass quickly and with NO pain. I know You can do ANYTHING! Thank You for caring about the things that hurt us.

Have a great trip!

MommaB said...

Now that the weekend has passed and prayerfully the stone, I can't wait to hear all about it... the luncheon that is... please, oh, please not the stone!!!

I hope you bloggers had a great time... but I hope even more you're coming the blogger deal that Carol over at She Lives is planning in October!!!


GiBee said...

I am pouting ... praying, but pouting. Poooo!