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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just Because

I took the day off work today...just because. Sometimes it's good to take a "just because" day and today is that day for me.

I've already mowed and edged the front and back yard, started laundry, and pulled weeds. I love the mornings and the cool breeze that you can ONLY find in Oklahoma from 6 til about 9:30 a.m. It's going to be in the high 90's again today and there will be no air movement once the mercury rises above 85. I'm going to spend some time with a friend, spend some time straightening the house, pick up my Dad's day gift and just enjoy the day.

With that in mind, I have no 'inspired' post and I don't really feel like digging into the 'closet of demons' today, so I'll leave you with some funny and somewhat thought provoking questions I found on line today. I'm sure you've seen some of them...but they're worth revisiting.

Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?
Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?
Why do they call them "apartments" when they are all stuck together?
Why do "tug" boats push their barges?
Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?
Why do we sing "Take me out to the ball game", when we are already there?
Why do people without a watch look at their wrist when you ask them what time it is?
Why does "slow down" and "slow up" mean the same thing?
Why do we say things "go off" when they are actually turning on?
Why does flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?
Why don't you ever see baby crows or pigeons?
Why is it building "buildings", shouldn't they be called a "built" when completed?
Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist, but a person who drives a race car not called a racist?
Why is it called "after dark", when it is really after light?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
Why is lemon juice mostly artificial ingredients but dishwashing liquid contains real lemons? Why is Mickey Mouse bigger than his dog Pluto?
Why is there only one commission that determines monopolies?
Why do banks charge you a "non-sufficient funds fee" on money they know you don't have? What's another word for thesaurus?
What's another word for synonym?
What is the speed of dark?
What do you do when you discover and an endangered animal that only eats endangered plants?
Why are there Braille signs on drive-up ATM's?
Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

Happy "Just Because" day!


Tess said...

I took off work too, but I'm traveling this afternoon, and just cannot stand to leave right from work and get in the car to drive 3 1/2 hours. I always forget something vital when I do that... yeah, that's my excuse.

MommaB said...

Oh, how I wish I was taking the day off... I need a "me" day! I loved these questions and have to admit... there are a few of them that would be fun to "answer"! Enjoy your downtime today and get some rest!

Joy M. said...

I'm going to share these with my oldest daughter. She loves these kinds of things.

Funny, I posted about a "great day" theme too. Maybe Jesus will come back today! Wouldn't that be COOL?!?!?!

Sally said...

Great idea, I'm gonna have a me day just as soon as I have finished these assignments, and then done some teaching next week- anyone wants me next Friday-and I am out.
Hope you had a wonderful day.

the voice said...

Oh Kim, now I'm going ot spend the rest of the day walking around scratching my head in a confused sort of way. Why indeed..? God bless you, Ken

great2beme said...

thanks I needed a just because moment!

GiBee said...

So, are you trying to tell me that there are cool breezes in Oklahoma? In the summer?

Yeah, right. I don't think so. In fact, you need to come visit me so I can show you the meaning of cool breeze!

Okay, maybe I just want you to visit. But I thought I'd try!

Grafted Branch said...

And we wonder why some immigrants don't want to learn our language! Even when they do, a fair amount of it doesn't mean what it says. lol.

Fun thoughts. Thanks for posting them.

tam said...

Are you REALLY looking for some answers....'cause, you, uh, asked a whole heck o' alot o' them!

And, cool mean warm sticky breeze! Full of mo-squi-toes! (hehehhe)

Overwhelmed! said...

Life is full of mysteries and you've just lists a great many of them! :)