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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Famous Faces!

I couldn't wait another minute to put just a "teaser" out about the KC Bloggirls Luncheon yesterday.

Had a ball!

Laughed a bunch!

Posed for some pics!

Met some FABULOUS Women!


Not that I'm one to name drop, but let me just say a "Hey Ladies!" to Shalee, Shannon, Chilihead, Aunt Murry, Antique Mommy, My own Sister, and of course our incredible hostess Jules' and her totally artistic and charming husband! We got to spend some "quality" time visiting and chatting after the luncheon and a bit of a drive on the KC Autobahn where I broke more traffic laws in 30 minutes then ever in my entire life (including college)!

Oh, yes I got to MEET bunches of others, and I'm going to add several to my blogroll ASAP! I agree with everyone who says...if you get a chance to meet some of your 'fellow bloggers' it! I figure if they've been reading your "journal" aka: your mind...for this long, they're entitled to a face to face and the opportunity to ask "what were your thinking?"


Chaos-Jamie said...

Well, with that downpour that happened just after ya'll left, I wouldn't doubt that you'd have to break a few laws here and there!

Now I'm going to jump off quick because I wouldn't want you to think I'm a wierdo!

kpjara said...

Yeah that was some fun driving...

and now i know you're not a're just a distracted multi-tasker!

Heather Smith said...

Lucky!!! I had to sing today, plus it was my birthday, and I really like to spend those with family! But I want to get in on one of these meeting of the bloggers events! Have a good one, and thanks for the birthday wishes!

Sally said...

Sounds like you had a great time- it is good to meet up with fellow bloggers isn't it, met up with a few (and we are a few) UK folk the other week, it was like meeting old friends.

kpjara said...

Heather I hope you had a very happy b-day. I KNOW the singing was awesome, after all, that's your gift!

Sally: How wonderful you got to meet with some UK Bloggers. It really is like meeting old friends! Unfortunately for me I was among the OLDEST, though I don't think they could tell (thank you Loreal).

GiBee said...

Man! I wish I was there. Just rub it in, why doncha?!