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Monday, June 12, 2006

Thankful Tank

So Tam who hasn’t been allowed to twitter’ (as she calls it, frankly I call it abridged wisdom and encouragement) lately thanks to, has finally gained access and published her ‘thankful tank’ on Thursday. I was going to comment a response, cause she’s got that challenge at the end that says: “And you…what are you thankful for today?” I realized it would just be a mini-post so I thought I'd put it here instead as a reminder.

You know I love a challenge and I NEED to focus my heart and mind (especially on Monday) on what I am thankful for so with all that preamble…my ongoing and growing list of thanks!

I am thankful for (I’ll try to limit it to 10 per entry):

1. My Savior! (who puts a song in my heart and hope in my life)

2. My husband. (I totally agree with Tam about how much those 2 words encompass)

3. My God-given talents and desire to use them.

4. Friends & Family…you have NO idea!

5. A job that offers me AMPLE free time!

6. Wisdom; growing daily as I seek it.

7. A home of our own and all the physical GIFTS God brings.

8. The U.S.A. and our Freedom Fighters.

9. Music and all creative arts

10. A Spirit that is restless!


Joy M. said...


I will add:
Color in all its brilliance that makes God's creation so beautiful and interesting.

the voice said...

What a great list! I think sometimes we need to be reminded to give thanks on a regular basis to God for all He has done. I think a lot of us fall into a pattern of only going to God in prayer for things we want, rather than in thanksgiving, which is what worshiping should be all about. Great post, Kim. May God bless you always, Ken

Shalee said...

And I am thankful that I will get to see you in REAL LIFE in less than 2 weeks!

tam said...

Our state of being is:

grat-i-tude noun. The state of being grateful; thankfulness.

For HIS state of:

gra-tu-i-tous-ness noun. 1. Given or granted without return or recompense; unearned. 2. Given or received without cost or obligations; free. 3. Unnecessary or unwarranted; unjustified.

I AM ALWAYS thankful even when my flesh tries to prove otherwise.

Thank you for posting your gratitude...I truly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what it is others deem "thank-worthy". Oh, and "thank-worthy" they are!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Gratitude is always a great day to start and end our day. I love it!

Guess you could say--I'm grateful for your post on gratitude!


Morning Glory said...

It's always so nice to go to someone's blog and see a list of things to be thankful for. Lovely list! And a great reminder of the great and small things around us.

MommaB said...

Okay... I'm looking for the "Wise Not-So-Old Owl" in your previous post... or at least a thought or two. When you have a moment (okay, stop laughing) could you hop on over and offer up some of the wonderful insight you have?

Thanks so much for the reminder to be thankful. I believe tomorrow will be my Thankful Tuesday with kudos to you for a wonderful idea!

Overwhelmed! said...

What a wonderful list. I may have to post one of my own. :) If I do, I'll link to yours.