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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One Moment Please...

Lately I’ve been pondering the art of waiting. And it IS an art form. We are all waiting at one time or another. I’m waiting in line at a store. I’m waiting at a traffic light. I’m waiting for a report at work. I’m waiting for a phone call. I’m waiting for the weekend. I’m waiting for Paul’s graduation. I’m waiting for healing. I’m waiting to adopt a child. I’m waiting for an answer from God. I’m waiting for everything to make sense.

Oh, I guess this is where I should point out…waiting…not a strength for me. It does NOT come easy. I’m waiting for it to become easy. Yes, I’m joking.

What I’m BEGINNING to learn is that the actual waiting…the time between the starting point and the finish line, is called life, and that’s where I’m supposed to spend my time. The ‘mini’ waiting tests that occur along the way are really tools to teach me how to live life. My focus is once again skewed as I try to rush through the week without having actually lived my best in those days between Saturdays.

My life does not BEGIN when the waiting ends…that is when life is over. I think about the creation of the Universe. God took 6 days to create the Universe. He did it with a specific order. He WAITED to create man (and woman) until the rest of creation was complete. I believe He wanted it to be PERFECT for man (and woman). I believe God has order and a TIME for everything. Waiting is the meaning of creation after all.

Imagine a world where we didn’t have to wait. I thought about the many friends and people I know who are waiting the nine + months it takes to have a child. Now imagine the moment you THINK of a child…‘POOF’…a baby appears. As wonderful as that may sound to some certain 9 ½ month pregnant woman…it would be a living NIGHTMARE. You don’t have the room ready. There are no tiny clothes on tiny hangers. There are no diapers, for crying out loud! You have no food, no milk yet, you are NOT ready.

I began to see some merit and value in waiting. I thought about the waiting for a wedding. I thought also about the waiting for a divorce. I guess we must have learned at some point that a ‘waiting period’ is a good thing. It helps bring calm and peace and slows down the inertia that comes with emotion.

Today as I’m waiting…for something…I will try to recall this lesson and remember that life is found ON the journey…not at the destination.

On the Verge
By: kpjara






Aunt Murry said...

I'm not any better at waiting than you are. I'm waiting for the results of the test I took in October. I should have the results any day now. It wasn't until a friend asked if I had heard that I realized it had been 5 weeks. Curse her...Now I am all fired up about it. Ignorance is sometimes bliss.

Morning Glory said...

Waiting has GOT to be one of the hardest things in life. I so much liked the way you said all this, that life is found ON the journey. So many times we miss the scenery by focusing only on the destination.

Good stuff, Kim!!

the voice said...

Yeah, I would be one of those "tapping the toes" people when I'm waiting for anything, especially when the person in front of me starts debating the validity of each coupon they are trying to use. AHHHHHH! Your post, however, will now transform me into a mild, gentle, patient person. Okay, you can stop laughing now. I even chuckled a little myself. Seriously though, patience is one of the areas I strive to improve in. I have gotten better, but I have a long ways to go. A really long ways. Sigh. Thanks for the great post. God bless you, Ken

Tami Boesiger said...

The ladies' Bible study group I am a part of discussed faith last week. Our leader pointed out in Hebrews 11 how faith involves action: By faith Abel offered, Noah built, Abraham obeyed, Isaac blessed, Moses refused to be known as the son of Pharaoh's daughter, etc. It made me think about waiting. Is waiting an action? Our group decided it was. It feels like we're doing nothing, but sometimes it takes more faith to wait than it does to proceed.

Waiting is like the chili that has to simmer a while to be especially good.

Shalee said...

Patience was not a gift that God bestowed upon me at birth. I still find it hard to wait, even as I am praying for the understanding of it within my heart. But I know that when I wait, God has an opportunity to talk to me, to open himself to me at a time when I may be more prone to listen.

There is merit in waiting on the Lord. There is value in waiting for an outcome. And the anticipation of waiting for something spectaular makes the outcome so much more appreciated and exciting.

Sally said...

Love this Kim, now back to waiting...

Nancy said...

Perfectly said... I just love reading your blog, you are so inspirational. Thank you for being such a blessing to me!

Anonymous said...

Dear KP... I'm so sorry I wasn't reading your posts this week. I missed a valuable time of prayer for you and wish I hadn't. Please know that I've donned my neon green knee pads for you and your family (sis) and will be ferverently praying for all of you during this trial. May you receive an abundance of blessings from all of this very, very soon. MommaB

Spookie the Warrior said...

WOW!! My post for to today - which I haven't posted yet cause I just got to work is going to be called something like "Wait for God..." - This is so awesom. I think God is really trying to teach me something here.
Thanks Kim!!

aggiejenn said...

At Bible study on Tuesday night, Beth Moore talked about how through our waiting God strengthens us for when the wait is over. "Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength" ~Isaiah 40:31a.

It is the hardest part, though--the waiting.