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Sunday, November 05, 2006

And Then He Blessed Me...

Due to a VERY busy weekend, I won the role of grocery shopper at Wal-Mart. This is NOT one of my favorite things to a matter of rivals one of my least favorite...right up there with laundry. I go to Wal-Mart about 2 p.m. today and I pulled into an overflowing parking lot thinking... "Lord HELP ME!"

The Lord answered my prayer...He gave me the second parking place in a row near the garden entrance. Thank you Lord!

I entered and could immediately tell it would be a test. I stopped my cart and took a deep breath and prepared to enter the abyss from the safety of the garden center which is currently being transitioned into Christmas Corner. Thankfully most of the shoppers are too overwhelmed with Thanksgiving plans to give Christmas much more than a passing thought.

I pushed my cart along at a slower-than-usual pace and tried my best to smile when approaching others and tried my best not to peel the heel skin off the slower and strolling shoppers. "Lord please don't teach me patience TODAY!"

The Lord answered my prayer...He led me through less trafficked areas and I shopped and perused (as much as one can while shopping at the local Wal-Mart Supercenter).

I made it back into the actual grocery section and it always looks as though the end of the world is approaching on a Sunday afternoon. There is almost NO creamer left, only a few randomly placed cartons of water and the meats are being restocked during this peak shopping hour.

On aisle 3 I found myself stuck behind a shopper who had parked across the aisle and I moved over as far as I could as an elderly couple made their way through. I was about to make some snide remark to the woman taking up the aisle...but the elderly gentleman smiled at me and said: "thank you so much, young lady."

The Lord heard my prayer.

On aisle 5 I passed the elderly couple going the other way and I got behind a woman in a large electric shopping cart/chair with about 5 children under the age of 7 with her. There was NO getting around the cart and kids and they were buying up the remainder of the macaroni and cheese. I thanked GOD that I didn't have to survive on Mac and Cheese and for providing so fully for Paul and me.

The Lord heard my prayer.

As I turned the next aisle I got behind an older father or grandfather with his baby along for the ride...and he was selecting peanut butter or jelly...once again...movement was stalled with the traffic. I finally stopped closed my eyes and said to God (yes, out loud)... "Lord, remind me to be kind to others." and I heard the Lord say: "Kim, it's already within you to be have the very spirit of kindness within you...lean on that spirit, instead of your own flesh!"

Then something happened. heart did not grow to 3 size too large...but I sort of melted a bit inside...and I approached the coffee area (with no expectation for my favorite, albeit seasonal coffee) and lo' and behold, my favorite coffee in the whole world; "Holiday Peppermint" is OUT! I got my pound bag and thanked God for blessing me so much!

When I finally made it to the dreaded checkout lanes, my heart was less heavy and my attitude had improved, but this is typically the place where I go read books while Paul checks out...I knew today I had to do it...get through checkout. I looked for any 'red coats' (Wal-Mart clothing for team leaders and typically FASTER checkers, FYI), and found one with only 1 person ahead of me.

As I got to the front of the line with my purchases on the belt...the checkers switched and it appeared I was getting a young, 'non red-coated' male. I asked God to help me be patient and kind with this young man.

The Lord heard my prayer AND He blessed me again!

This 'boy' was the best checker I've ever had at Wal-Mart...and I told him so!

Then I wheeled my purchases out to the car in a light rain and thanked God for blessing me on this day!

I love how God can take the seemingly mundane and make it all about Him!

Have a wonderfully blessed evening!


Grafted Branch said...

What a sweet post, Kim! You saw God in every moment because you desired Him in every moment. I'm so glad you wrote this down for the rest of us to smile along with you.

(Your Walmart needs newer, bigger aisles.) lol. ;)

Spookie the Warrior said...

Tee hee! I enjoy shopping, I use it as an oportunity to practice the love and joy I have in Jesus on other people. You should have taken the e-mail your mother sent you and used some of those tricks to brighten up your shopping experience!! LOL. It is wonderful how faithful God is, that always amazes me.

MommaB said...

Isn't it great that He is in the "small things" that are so "big" to us?? Fantastic post, Kim, and such a great reminder to "pray without ceasing" especially when entering Wal-mart!!! By the way... just for future... I have found that (if I can be awake) shopping there after midnight is the best. The checkers are actually GLAD to see you!!! Have a blessed week!

Morning Glory said...

That certainly puts a new light on shopping in Walmart. I think I'll try your approach next time I need to go to ours -- which is actually sometime today.

Thanks for a really nice post.

Shalee said...

"Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will guide your path from sin."

I think God guided you, your heart and your cart because you were acknowledging HIM, even at Wal-Mart. Yes, He does love us that much, even enough to give you something as simple as your special coffee.

Thanks for sharing how you let God love you again.

Anonymous said...

Ain't He GOOD???

Today has been a typical MONDAY, and I really needed to hear this. I'm praying for and looking forward to some of that grace abundant as I deal with things going wrong here. He's so good to supply it if we ask!

Blessings, my friend! You blessed ME today!

Dawn said...

I refuse to grocery shop at Wal-Mart, even though the prices are better. People with large families seem to use it as an excursion of some sort and take up every aisle - not to mention the restocking of shelves in the middle of a busy day. And you have to run all over the store to get shampoo, toothpaste, etc. I guess I prefer spending a bit more money and a lot less time shopping. Thanks for sharing those answers to prayer!

GiBee said...

I love it when God decides to pour out his blessings on us! Especially when WE think we need it most!

Joy M. said...

Personally, I love going to Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, I am trying not to support them anymore. (See the AFA website on WM)

But I do love it when God not only shows Himself as Lord of our daily lives, but when we ourselves notice!

tam said...

I love hearing about how God moves you,

I love watching God move you!

(i must admit i am with joy m. on this...there are things i like about walmart but my own heart and convictions tell me it's not a good place for our family anymore-besides my grandparents saw a child almost abducted right in front of them at our local one)

tam said...

oh yeah, uh hellloooooo?

it's not Sunday anymore...

you always post on Mondays!!!

(ahhahahhh, as if i can speak!)

Swandive said...

I love the liturgical flow of this post, call and response. Good stuff.
I totally echo what Dawn said. Please, for all reasons that are ethical and Christian, consider shopping anywhere other than Wal-Mart. Do some reading and surfing around on this topic and you will see the injustice that is done at the cost of "low prices." Ok - getting down off the soap box and saying thank you again for a wonderful post!