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Monday, November 20, 2006

Disenchanting Driscoll

I’m so disgusted with Mark Driscoll for his recent post and CLARIFICATION post. It just reminds me how incredibly easy it is to become pious in a position of authority and leadership over others. I was also reminded of the Pharisees and their obvious ‘personal agenda serving’ religiousness. You see, Driscoll actually states he had no idea what his readership consisted of and that his platform was intended to be his self-selected group of younger pastors that he mentors. He has also made it so you may not respond on his blog unless you are one of these selected MEN to which he speaks. That speaks volumes to me and I will leave his future books shelved in bookstores for the audience he prefers (and apparently writes for) as well.

The good that came of it, for me, is the continual reminder that I am to seek the source…in Scripture, prayer, and meditation to find the truth about a real LEADER…the only leader that matters. It reminds me how Jesus’ life was about servant hood and how all too often this seems lost among current religious leaders.

It’s one thing to hold a conviction about something; good or bad. It’s another thing, and frankly an art form, to be able to verbalize truth without personal agendas prevailing.

This past week has been one long lesson about forgiveness and while I’m ‘not there yet’, I am hopeful that my words would not mislead or discourage while I seek to understand truth.

Have a truth-revealing Monday!


Anonymous said...

I must say that after reading some of his blog, I am less than impressed by this man. He is so bogged down in theology that he can't seem to show the love of Christ to other humans who have a different viewpoint...the same love of which he is supposedly an expert.

Suffice it to say that I won't be reading any more of his blog.

the voice said...

Uh, Kim. I think maybe you got the wrong link there. I am assuming you wanted to link to his original post on the Rev. Haggard. I find it a little arrogant that he will not allow comments. To not let anyone question your views shows a condition of pride and ego. I have not read him before, so I will not make comments on his theology, but I believe no matter what it is, dialogue with readers is important. God bless you, Ken

Anonymous said...

oh now don't hold back... tell us how you really feel! LOL ;)

I agree.

Sally said...

Bless you Kim, thanks for this honest and challenging post- love must win out over theology!

R.G. said...

Kim, I've just read the BEST rundown on Driscoll's true agenda. It's on Shari McDonald's blog.

Highly recommended reading to get the full scoop on what's going on here.