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Thursday, November 16, 2006



‘Hard days are hard. Even on the worst, if I really try, I can find some reason to feel grateful, some small miracle to help me make it through. Here is my growing list of the reasons. Feel free to add yours.’

From Lauren via DYM and to help once again refocus…I am ‘copying’.

Here are my REASONS to be grateful today:

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift. Hugs from children that always say “I love you to the moon and back”. Love of parents. A smile in traffic. A favorite song playing at work. A date night with my darling husband. An upcoming birthday to remind me that God created me just the way I am…for such a time as this. New wisdom gained through experience. Talents and abilities; known and unknown. Paul’s graduation only 3 ½ weeks away. Celebrating with friends and family this incredible accomplishment. Having my husband home in the evenings. Seeing my sister smile. The day after Thanksgiving sales and subsequent ‘tales’ of shopping victories. Ribbons, paper and all embellishments. Annual Christmas Cookie Saturday with friends and new homemade aprons. Sleeping in late on a cold winter’s day. Getting to chat with friends and family on the phone or in person. Walking the dogs in our neighborhood. The ‘artist’ reborn through 30-Faces challenge in November. The memories drawing faces evokes. Sensing I’m at the turning point of something very big…from God. Thought provoking questions; asked and answered. Weight lost and NOT re-found. Holiday peppermint coffee available again at the grocery store. A coupon for money off grocery staples...even coffee. A good box of hair dye. Puffs when you have a cold or need to cry. A job with freedom to write and breathe. A church with friends. A tenacious spirit. A heart full of Jesus.

Have a Thursday with many REASONS to be grateful!


Shalee said...

Copy away, Kim. Lauren is right. Looking at the blessings that God gives to us rather than the woes and worries of the world will lift our hearts and give God the opportunity to remind us that He is GOOD.

Love your reasons, especially after everything that has happened, "Seeing my sister smile." That one really touched my heart.

May God lift your burdens today and let you see a hundred more reasons to trust in him.

the voice said...

Very awesome, Kim. We should focus on the gifts and blessings, instead of lamenting over what "we" feel we "should" have. Each of us, especially in this country, are blessed beyond belief, if we only open our eyes. Great post, one which I may copy. God bless you, Ken

Aunt Murry said...

Cold Wet puddy noses when you are trying to take a nap.

I hope that you Thank God for your thorns as well as your blessing for without them how would we know when to rejoyce?

Love you and take care. Lots of prayers for you and yours!

Dawn said...

All good reasons! As Thanksgiving comes, we should all be thinking this way.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Thankful for Kim...

Sally said...

what a wonderful list Kim-

I guess I would add autumn (fall) colours, a walk on the beach, hearing my daughter play the cello, food and warmth, music and laughter, and for blogging friends

Many blessings


great2beme said...

Here is one more God is in Control!

FarmgirlCyn said...

So thankful that His mercies are new every morning. Great is HIS faithfulness.

Morning Glory said...

Sunday: I thought of you today and said a prayer. I hope your weekend has been a good one.