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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Big Brother

No not the television show...the real thing! Here he is a few years ago.

I have an older brother and a younger sister. If it weren’t for the ‘middle child syndrome’ I am sometimes ‘tripped’ by, I would say it’s just about perfect. I love my siblings…though I don’t tell them often enough. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually told my brother…if he knew…he might just use it against me, LOL!

My brother was in town all last week as I had shared. He was at my parents for several days alone, and Thursday his wife (my sister-in-law) came and joined him through Sunday.

I can’t think of much that makes my father happier than to spend time with his son…my brother. I know my father loves us all…but he can talk to my brother for hours on end…and my brother appears to sit and listen. It could be because he’s only here once or twice every few years. Whatever the case, it makes my dad’s year, to visit with my brother.

My brother is a ‘life of the party’, conversationalist, intellectual, spiritual, well-read, talented writer, gifted story-teller, sometimes annoying (as a sister), kind of guy. He has never met a stranger and finds himself surrounded by friends (old and new) regularly.

He used some of those gifts this week to remind me why he is a “good brother”. I don’t really need the reminder…I know he’s a good brother, but it was good to hear these ‘never told’ stories.

He shared about ‘beating’ the guy who date-rap*d me in high school and I had heard tales of this but never knew for sure. It made so much more sense why the guy never even looked at me again…because my brother not only beat him, but threatened him.

He also shared a story about our ‘youth group’ at a church I never felt a part of. We went together…because he was old enough to drive. It was a Halloween party and I had made ‘caramel apples’ which apparently looked HORRIBLE! The caramel was all melted around the bottom and stuck to the wax paper and no one was going to eat them. It’s clear my ‘baking/cooking’ skills were a work in progress!

Apparently my mother convinced me they were ‘fine’ and I took them. My brother said since no one was eating them, he ate every single one of them so I wouldn’t be hurt by it. I never knew that. I barely remember the party…and don’t remember the apple-failure humiliation. He remembers and shared that with me.

I’m not sure why he felt the need to remind me of these things, cause I think he’s pretty incredible and he’s always had the honorable ‘older brother’ status for me (but I’d NEVER say that out loud…his head would swell MORE)!

Suffice to say the time of reminiscing and sharing and spending time together was really incredible. I wish we lived closer and could talk more often. I know he has pearls of wisdom I could grow from and clearly I too, have much to offer him in the ways of humbleness and such!

It’s amazing to me this is the same guy I used to have to threaten I’d ‘tell mom’ almost hourly during our youth. It just goes to show…we really do mellow with age…and thank God for selective memory!

I also thank GOD for a brother who, even in the less-than-stellar seasons, was there for me and is one of my biggest champions. He is a confidante’, a counselor, and a friend… he is my brother.

May your Tuesday be full of future wonderful memories!


Dawn said...

There's nothing better than spending time with adult siblings! What a great tribute to your big brother. I wish you could see him more often, too!

Dawn said...

I just checked out your drawings - you are amazing!

Grafted Branch said...

Oh, the apples...I'm moved to remember a time when I'm ashamed to say I DIDN'T take care of MY sister in a very honorable way.

He sounds like a wonderful brother! You are blessed.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

What a great brother....and how wonderful to honor him today.

I tell my children the midst of their sibling rivalry...that one day, in the not to far off future...they will love each other like no other! Maybe I'll have them read your post today.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

What a neat thing to older bother..I mean brother. :0)

Only having a younger sister, I had to be the one to beat up people for her. I only did it once, but that was enough.

Glad to hear you're so blessed in this way!

Morning Glory said...

Kim, this was so touching. How blessed you are to have this relationship AND to have the opportunity to find out even more reasons why he is so special.

I have four of my five brothers still living and I just don't get to see them often enough. I love them so much and I understand what you're saying about admiration for your big brother.

Aunt Murry said...

I have two younger brothers and one of my favorite memories is when we sat around the dinner table and played "Who did what" with my parents. It was so funny. We laughed so hard as we confessed the sins of our youth and we cried just as hard when we realized what we had done for the the other. It was a great time and boy did we get a lot over on our parents much much more than a I realized. It is a true wonder why one of us in not dead!!!

Thanks for the memory jogger!

tam said...

What a blessing he is...what a treasure you have in him,...AND what an amazing gift God has given BOTH of have each other.

Surely, through those instances of protecting you and standing for you and shielding you from hurt others would inflict he was learning too...learning how to be the man God wanted him to be...

Oh Kim, it thrills my heart to know that those kinds of brothers are out there, and you've got one!

He needs to do a guest post on what it's like having you as a sister!!!

Sally said...

how wonderful that you get on so well Kim... a truly encouraging post- just what I needed on a difficult day.

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing from your heart. Your brother sounds so special and how incredible that he was so protective of you when you were younger. He is a blessing indeed, as you have been to me today.

sarah said...

I second tam's suggestion of a guest post about what it was like to have you as his sister. That would be fun! What a sweet post. Makes me think I should call MY brother...

theresa said...

What a great post. And such a sweet, protective brother. I bet he's a great husband too.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Brothers are SO special! I have a younger brother and he is so very special to me. He is 7 years younger than me - but I love him lots, and I tell him that often.

great2beme said...

He is pretty good, although you forgot the stories of him trying to sit on our heads until we passed out with a pillow between us and his rear, and what about the burping picante sauce on us so we would leave him alone while he watched star wars! UGH! Still you are right there are far more good stories then bad when we look in. He is funny and wow he does great with dad I think he should keep him when he is old! :) Thanks for sharing. I didn't get to be there much in body but my mind and spirit often were.

MommaB said...

It's a "Relatively Speaking" at KP's place!!! I so hope you will do many more like this. I always dreamed of having a brother but I think I would have not really liked the days of the "real" brother as "great2beme" described. Ewww! By the way... I have to admit when I saw the first picture of him... I thought it was Andrea Bocelli! Very nice looking (and sounding) gentleman too, just like your brother! Blessings.