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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Words That Go Before Me...

Sometimes when I’m writing in this space, I stop and think, and re-evaluate what I’m about to write. It’s interesting the self-editing that takes place when I THINK, POSSIBLY, someone that knows me only marginally, or not at all, may read something I write or read INTO something I don’t write and make judgments about me, my beliefs, ultimately my life. Even in writing, I’m concerned about my identity.

I’m not saying I should edit out the true meaning of something. I am saying I must remember words are tools; they either build up or destroy. If I choose to place writing in a space that is potentially viewed by others, I am making a choice to “publicize” something of importance to me; my opinion, my words.

As I’ve become familiar with the world of “BLOGS”, I’ve seen some completely inappropriate writing for public viewing. I believe in Freedom of Speech, yet I am still amazed at what some “Christian” blogs convey in writing, much less mainstream blogs with open access to the most vulnerable and immature minds. My only assumption is that these “writers” out of their own pain, only intend to hurt others by ranting mindlessly about inane and sometimes disturbing things.

Thankfully I have the ability to turn off my computer and turn away from the prose of idiocy. My question is: Do people even look at what they’re writing before they hit the “PUBLISH” key? Do people truly just want to SHOCK and HAUNT others? What is the motivation of the entry?

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Karen said...

I think of these things too. I wonder sometimes where I fall into all of it. I try to think carefully about what I'm sending out there to be read. And I try to think carefully about what I'm reading. It's a delicate balance. I hope I'm doing alright.