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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Conversations That Make You Go: HUH?

My darling husband called me one day last week (like most every day) to “check in” and let me know he’s alive and just going back to school from work to his last class. He has JUST enough time to run by the “lab” and see if his latest “fix” will work on his project.

This is our brief conversation:

“I think I figured out how to make our circuit work.” He tells me.

“What circuit, honey?” I ask.

“Our project. The board has 8 holes and we’ve only filled 1, which leaves floaters that either aren’t being read or causing the problem because there is nothing to read.” He says in all calm.

“Oh, so you either have to fill the holes, or tell the circuit to SKIP them, right?” I query with pride.

“We have to fill them, with 1’s or 0’s.” he explains simply.

“Oh, of course, 1’s or 0’s. Everything is 1’s or 0’s.” I state.

He had already offered me the course review for his binary class. About the time I THOUGHT I understood it…he had me add some 1’s and 0’s and I messed up. It seems binary is not a universal language after all.

These are the conversations with the future Computer Engineering husband of mine. Thank GOD he understands this techno-talk, even better he actually enjoys the stuff! But I’ll tell you something else, if you ask my husband what his very favorite movie in the whole world is…he won’t be able to answer, or if he does it will be hours later, after much contemplation.

Just one more case in point that God has created each of us for a different purpose. In the words of a great teacher I once heard: “Same goal, different roles.”

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