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Friday, February 17, 2006

We Don't Need God

I finally figured it out! I had the ultimate epiphany this morning. We don’t NEED God!

I mean think about it. Everything you hear that God can do and has done…is old news in our post-modern society. God is cliché and a worn out excuse. God isn’t necessary. God is probably resting from all his eons of work anyway. God is some senile old, outdated, judge, that like many a Supreme Court Justice, needs a long term sabbatical.

Okay, so I’ll go as far as saying; “thank you God for creating the earth; and light and dark; and animals; and all the stuff you created; but I think we can take it from here.”

This seems to be the resounding ROAR from the masses. I see it everyday. I see and read of people who have taken matters into their own hands. We actually believe we can create our own destiny. This is the mindset that has formed a precedent in research and marketing for the past 20 years of advance.

Think about this:

We don't need God for CREATION anymore. If we want a baby and just can’t seem to produce one naturally. We either seek drugs and artificial insemination, or we hire a surrogate or we use any method necessary to achieve this GOAL, not short of taking what we want. In 2006, we’re on the verge, we just need a few more Congressmen signatures, and we’ll just clone someone we admire. In the midst of our ‘excessive’ culture I can picture now about 10,000,000 Brad Pitts and another 2,000,000 Bill Gates’ running around. I can imagine we’re only years away from a drop down menu on a computer screen to picking and choosing every quality we can name, to “create a baby”. I can actually already think of the marketing that would apply. If you doubt this, check out the "menu's" at a sperm bank.

We don’t need God for healing anymore. We have so much medical technology we can cure anything that DESERVES a cure. I’ve come to understand, from my more intelligent peers that some diseases exist that don’t deserve cures. While this screams genocide in my mind, it might be because I'm actually on that edge (1963) of the "Baby Boomer" generation who doesn't really understand everything the way the more enlightened society does. The purification of a society through medical and technological advances IS our reality today. If you aren’t offering something to the betterment of your society, you are outdated and need to be disposed of. Think: "Logan's Run".

We don’t need God for provision anymore. We have so much food we have to store or destroy it every day. As for those people supposedly starving in other nations…well their countries owe us money, so we can’t see giving them too much, because they don’t know what to do with it anyway and they’re used to being hungry.

We don’t need God for guidance anymore. We have books and great teachers and the media for this. Heck I don’t even have to make any decision about my life, it will just happen as I go with the flow.

We don’t need God for protection anymore. Many of us don’t even believe the whole Satan story we were taught as children. The people who are still unsure if there is some enemy; are certain they can defeat him with their guns, stashed safely in their closet so no one gets hurt; that doesn’t deserve it. Besides, if I have enough money, I can buy a lawyer and never face persecution for any wrongdoing anyway.

We don’t need God for love anymore. We have the internet for this. We can literally pick and choose our mates based on a “drop down menu” (see create-a-baby referenced above).

We don’t need God’s empty promises anymore. Anything we need, we will get, make, or steal ourselves.

We don’t need God’s sacrifice anymore. We are more evolved then this. Sacrifice is an outdated ritual that holds little meaning in our society today.

I hope you’re laughing or crying, and not sitting there nodding your head in agreement. These statements sound somewhat ludicrous to those of us who have seen both sides of this fence.

We ARE living in a postmodern society that is not only seemingly self-sufficient, but also self-pleasing. We have become our own god. It seems to me there were a few words spoken about other gods in that big old, outdated text some people carry around on Sundays.

I shared in an earlier post the quote: “Those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it.” My suggestion is read that big old book; perhaps start in the beginning with Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It seems each one of us is destined to repeat a history, our very legacy, until we find the hope of our salvation.

Good luck on being your own god. How’s that working for you, anyway?


godsgirl said...

Of course, you are correct, we don't need God, we have US. But what will happen when we come to the end of ourselves?

God is Eternal, Infinity.

So here it is again, A lie believed as the truth will affect your life as if it were the truth!

Now which lie were we talking about?


kpjara said...

Well said! As we've's all about our perspective and focus, isn't it.

Love ya, sister!