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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Extra Ice, Please!

There are a few little pleasures in my life. Okay, honestly, maybe more than a few. My little pleasures are things like my favorite seats at the movie theater being open; a sunny, warm day in February; finding money in my laundry or in parking lots; picking the fastest line at the grocery store. One of the greatest little pleasures in my life is the ICE at Sonic. They have the greatest ice. In the summer, sometimes my niece and I will go to Sonic just for a cup of ice. I grew up on this. Part of these feelings may come from my youth and the memories that are stirred when I get this ice. Part of it is just my desire to have this cool refreshment, part of it is that it is something that feels "safe" and "comfortable" to me.

Last night, my husband and I went to our church small group, and I wanted to get a Sonic drink on the way over there but we didn't drive past a Sonic, and I decided I didn't want to search for one. Searching for a Sonic in Oklahoma is really not that difficult as they are in every 3 square miles.

My husband, unknown to me, had called our PASTOR and asked him to stop and bring a drink from Sonic. I would never even THINK to do that. If I don't do it myself, or my husband doesn't do it, it ain't happening. Why? Yep, it's back to that same old pride issue. "I can do it myself and I don't need help!"

How sad is that! My pastor totally didn't mind doing this, even with this being a totally extraneous request! Most of us wouldn't mind, if someone asked, to run some errand or just do a favor. My husband never hesitates to serve or to ASK for service. The difference for me, is that I didn't WANT to ask.

This can easily transfer into my life with Christ. If I don't, DAILY, confess to Him that I NEED Him and NEED His help, even with the small stuff, then I choose to walk alone. The "ice" in my life, the little blessings sometimes come without my asking, yet how much more would I know and see if only I'd ask and walk in the blessings I've requested each day.

I'm not speaking of Jesus as my personal "Santa". Rather, He is my Provider, who wants to bless me, yet He wants me to see where the blessings come from. Who is your provider? Where does your hope lie? These are questions I must daily seek.


Paul said...

I would have gone to get the drink myself but I was told not to do so. The pastor was already enroute to our location and I confess to being a fix it kind of guy.

absonjourney said...

And I confess to loving serving people who serve. It was fun to get the drink if for no other reason than it was a service to you.