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Friday, February 10, 2006

Eyes Wide Open

Yesterday as I sat at my computer, updating core data for a program, I had an experience, a life lesson, about the Glory of God I spoke about a few days ago.

In my office I have two very large plate glass windows, probably 8’ tall and 6’ wide each. While it’s nice to have the natural light and be able to see any traffic snares on the highway outside, I don’t glance out a lot because I tend to lose myself in dreams and visions. So, I’m sitting concentrating on characters and entry and quick finger strokes and out of the corner of my eye I see through these giant windows in my office…birds. I don’t actually turn to look, because I have to focus on these numbers or I will miss-key. So I type on….

Then I see this white flash out of the corner of my eyes and these birds are all flying within 10 feet of my window. There are probably 150 of them. It’s this incredible image of synchronized flight. So I sit here thinking how these birds truly define a “Body”. You can always tell the ‘independent’ birds as they don’t stay in line and tend to appear distracted in their efforts.

I remember reading about how geese fly in that "V" formation and they take turns leading. If the leader gets tired, he/she will slow, circle behind and get into the formation and allow another goose to lead. Then if one becomes injured, or can no longer fly, he/she will drop out of the formation and two other geese will drop out with him/her and stay with him/her to make sure he/she is okay. They will all join another formation once they are well enough to fly. The original formation continues on and either picks up additional geese as they fly or not. It's such an incredible picture of God's PERFECT creation.

Even now, as I write this I see these birds flying in a formation. They are circling. Half of the birds are flying clockwise as they spiral down to the ground and half of the birds are flying counterclockwise. It’s amazing to see because one would think they would collide into each other. This is the Glory of God I am seeing this morning. My hope is that as this glory appears only in my peripheral vision that I would turn and SEE with my EYES WIDE OPEN - the full Glory of God.

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