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Thursday, July 20, 2006

What Kind of Leader Am I?

Totally Random but fun for Friday!
"What Famous Leader Am I?" (other than KPJARA, that is)
I'm off work Friday, so thought I'd post this today as a draft
and I'll hit...publish from my home tomorrow!
God bless and Happy Weekend!
Not completely surprising...though somewhat?
Lord I hope my hair is better...most days...

and apparently here is the "Classic Movie" I am based on my answers to 45 questions....hmm...never saw it...and frankly, I still don't feel compelled to see it!

*edited 07/21/06* I got to talk to a famous blogger last night. She's one of my favorites AND yours. She's like a 'blog-counsellor' and she was an ear during a stormy time for kpjara! That's right folks...I talked live and not-in-person...with GiBee last night. She sounds JUST like what I imagined she would...though she talks FASTER than most "southern ladies" do. I can't wait to meet her one day...either on this side or the other of Heaven!


Shalee said...

You are such a lucky dawg! Talked with Gibee? That would about make my year.

Have a great day off, Eistein.

Serenity said...

I so LOVE reading your blogs Kim. You and Paul are in my prayers and I hope youre having a wonderful "Friday off" day.

MommaB said...

Okay, I can honestly say this is NOT one of my favorite post of yours and it isn't even YOUR fault!! I took the tests that you had listed and have become so distraught... my "personality tests" led me to be Saddam Hussein as a leader and Schindler's List as a classic movie. Could I be more depressed???

I'm so glad that my true identity is in Christ Jesus 'cause after these tests... I sure don't want be anybody else!!! WWwaaaaa!!!

Hope your day off was peaceful and refreshing!

Oh, and I'm so with Shalee on her comment about your live talk... "Lucky Dawg!"

kpjara said...

I'm just checking in and wanted to say yes Shalee, it almost made my year as much as talking to you too! She reminds me of you, frankly...and I told her that;)

Serenity: Thanks for the prayers and link to your 'blog' I'm going to link you!

MammaB: Good grief...they shouldn't even have Saddam in the dang thing and Schindler's list...WOW! I would NEVER think of you as depressed! did you post it? I'll go check. I had a really good post started from chapter 3 of the book, but I'm saving it for Monday.

Joy M. said...

KP, I've been gone for a week (vacation in VA) and have some catching up to do on your blog. You are just too dang prolific a writer! Slow down, I am overwhelmed! hahahaha I will dive in tomorrow, but this caught my eye so I am going to try these before I go to bed. I just gotta see what kind of crazy person I match up with. Goodnight!

MommaB said...

KP... no way was I going to post that my personality test said I was Saddam Hussein... I'm trying to "build" my readership... not frighten you guys away!! You'll start to think I'm a psycho-blogger or something and I'll never ever be invited to a Blogger luncheon or anything!! Worse yet, I might be ripped right off the family-friendly blog roll!!! Nah, in all seriousness I was more than disturb by this test and decided to take it again from home at a later date and see if my leadership skills changed!!! Maybe then I can post those results... either way... I'll be sure to fill you in on the results!!!

Thanks for always bringing me a smile!!!

GiBee said...

Oh, STOP! IamnotfamousandIdonotspeakfast.whatmakesyouthinkthat?

Loved the conversation, even though you did NOT get a chance to vent because I was talking too much.

Good grief. I'm ashamed of myself!

kpjara said...

Joy M: Glad you're back...I've been popping over and kept seeing your son licking his car (still makes me laugh each time BTW).

MommaB: I'm still waiting on your test scores...don't go into hiding like your profile predicts...teasing

Gibee: DO NOT be ashamed of yourself...that is YOU! That is the YOU I wanted/need regular words from/with!

You make me laugh and Lord knows Laughter is the greatest medicine, even in my own self-imposed prison.