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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Can't We All Just Get Along?

NOTE: This is NOT a political blog. I am not here to assert my own political beliefs on others (even if I know I’m right…LOL).

Today’s the day we have an opportunity, some would say a duty, to make our voice heard. Today are the primaries in Oklahoma. Today is the day we select from among the ‘most vocal’, to begin narrowing a search for Governor, Lt. Governor, State Senators and Representatives, Treasurer, etc. To be frankly honest the ballot is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

How does this translate in my own life? The most obvious answer is: Thank GOD its summer and I don’t really watch TV…in the summer anyway, because on the few occasions when I have turned on the ‘immobilizer’, I have seen some ads that do NOTHING but tear down the ‘opposing party’. We never learn anything in these ads its simply about name recognition; either positive or negative. One year I swore not to vote for 1-candidate that ran a negative ad. Had I stuck with that initial assertion, I wouldn’t have voted, period! Yes it’s THAT bad, even in Oklahoma.

During the past 5 years I have actually taken the initiative to investigate, on my own, the parties and their candidates. I have looked at the picture they have painted and sometimes dug deeper to understand their ‘politics’. I have reviewed the incumbents voting records.

I have voted in every single election (even the sometimes ridiculous bond issues). I have changed affiliations over the years as I have ‘matured’ and realize with ALL certainty that people over 30 should, in fact, be allowed to live. Though perhaps the privilege of voting should be withheld until age 23-25 or at least until a person has held a job for more than one year and actually paid taxes.

What it boils down to is no surprise and my seventh grade Social Studies teacher was an idealist in thinking our voting system was ‘pure’. I have had the opportunity to live in several different regions of our country as a voting adult and regardless of the location, it has always been the same…smear campaigns dominate the field. The ‘winners’ are typically the loudest and it’s not always a fair race. Votes are stolen and bought. I suppose our forefathers didn’t account for a population explosion or for votes from uneducated (think Florida), uninformed residents.

I’m voting anyway! I am "We the People", and if I choose to silence my own voice I am no longer a part of the solution, I am only a cog in a wheel that is sometimes veering out of control.

Happy Voting!


Joy M. said...

Amen, wanna go start our own country somewhere else? Some little remote island somewhere...and we'll name it "Sanity" because what we have right now is so NOT. I will leave it at that because I soooo want to pull up my soapbox right now.

Grafted Branch said...

Unfortunately, it's what the people want. We all say we dislike the smear campaigns, but it would seem that the true majority of voters doesn't really feel that way because it allow itself to be swayed. The world judges the outside while the Lord discerns the heart; once again, we (the general public) are at odds with the way God conducts His plan.

Like most everything else in life, it's marketing -- lights and mirrors. It's a game of making your name memorable to the masses. Only some voters actually listen, learn and arrive at their vote based on the qualifications and philosophy of the candidate, don't you think?

When you boil life in the U.S. down to its concetrated substance, it's really all about the popularity contest. We like to think that ends after high school, but really, it just morphs into something more sophisticated.

I think you're on to something by raising the voting age, at least. That sounds like a very responsible first step. I know I had no businesses voting at 18!

Morning Glory said...

Election time is so awful! I know it's our duty to be voting citizens, but it's so difficult to really figure out who's telling us the truth and who's telling us what they think we want to hear.

Good luck!

MommaB said...

Way to take a stand and a strong one! The individual research of a candidate is a must and of course lots and lots of prayer to One that watches over us all.

GiBee said...

Don't let smear campaigns sway you either way. Vote for the lesser of evils... one that stands for the same Christian morals and ethics you stand for ... Just remember ... it isn't always the "person running" that is behind the smear campaigns, but rather their campaign managers...

Did that make any sense?

So, get out there and vote, Oklahoma!

Kristen said...

I do not like it when voting time comes around (unless I'm extremely desperate to get the current office-holder out.

I can barely stand to turn on the TV during that time. UGH.

Dawn said...

Good going on finding out the facts. Most of us are too lazy. Maybe you younger ones can turn things around!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! on voting. I voted too Paul