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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where is all this dirt coming from?

Do you ever look around and see yourself surrounded in “dirt”. Not necessarily literally, though it could be (I don’t know your circumstances). I know when I start to write and speak more ‘dirt’ I need to stop…take a look around me and see what is in my immediate line of vision.

Typically I’m listening to something or someone that is not only NOT edifying to me but it is doing me harm.

Think Pigpen. Innocent, darling, FILTHY…Pigpen! He comes into a room and everyone in the immediate vicinity either scatters or finds themselves covered in the dirt he carries with him. He seems loveable and fairly inconsequential, unfortunately he’s not.

Pigpen could be visual dirt or the less obvious mental, emotional, verbal dirt. We have all been around Pigpen at one time or another and felt the consequences of this interaction.

Initially, it’s subtle. You may catch yourself thinking or even saying something you typically would NEVER think or say. You may even throw a little dirt on someone else unintentionally. There are some people, I call Pigpen People, who INTENTIONALLY spread their dirt until the whole place is choking in the dust and debris. You may be perfectly clean and then be around a Pigpen Person for a few days and start feeling “dirty” and look around for the culprit and it’s YOU! AGHHH NOOOOOO!

Today I need to remind myself to wash up and steer clear of the Pigpen People who may be seeking me out. Today this is my prayer:

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my ROCK and my REDEEMER.” Psalm 19:14


C. H. Green said...

Great reminder!

the voice said...

I know exactly the people you are talking about...I work with a bunch of them. Maybe a little Holy Spirit in a spray bottle would do the trick.

Shalee said...

Now I feel like another shower...

What a great reminder of where to be and to not put myself in the position to get myself dirty. And yes, I have been known to spread the dirt. Ugh.

I am so glad that God's washcloth never wears out and His bathtub is always ready for my cleaning, bath bubbles included. I can hear myself saying "Jeeeesuuuus, Take me awaaaaaaaaaaay!"

Aunt Murry said...

One of my favorite books is "Me and My Big Mouth" by Joyce Meyers.

GiBee said...

You mean ... like ... cussing at people (in your head) and glaring at them while you're driving?

Like that???



M'kay ... just thought I'd ask!!

OH!!! And just so you know ... You've been tagged ... AGAIN ... by moi!!! Gotta love me now, huh?!?

I saw that you already did the 6 Random Things one, so I graciously spared you of that ... instead ... I tagged you with the longest, stinkingest meme of 4s!!!

Come on over to my blog (as if you wouldn't) and check it out. It's the last meme ... the longest stinking one ... but fun! Can't wait to see what you CHEERFULLY post!!! (hehehe)

Love ya!

kpjara said...

When will the madness end!

Hang on while I shake the dirt off a bit so I can see what I write...

My Pigpen people are also at work, God be with me.

I love the picture of God's washcloth.

I love "Me and My Big Mouth" and pretty much everything Joyce Meyer has written. Obviously I need a re-read.

and now I'll go check out the challenging Meme of 4's...Lord I hope there is no "tagging" involved!

Morning Glory said...

Pigpen People....what a wonderful description! And what great thoughts today.

great2beme said...

Pig Pen is my son in the summer. Not with ugly words or thoughts but the actual cute innocent dirty boy and when he drags into the house occassionally I become the other kind of pig pen. Still I love him and I hope his responses when I feel this way will always keep me laughing like they do right now. he is after all my conscious that God gave me right here on earth if you don't believe me ask KPJARA!