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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Challenge #2

As I mentioned on Sunday, there are 2 challenges I've enjoyed finding and reading about this past week.

The 2nd of these challenges I found initially at "Just Peachy" and it's called 'I am from'. As I did my weekly 'blog surf' I see that many people are and have done this challenge. Check it out, think on it and put it down.
I am from...
I am from parents who traveled in their jobs.
I am from the west coast, not the beach...the desert, for just a year or two.
I am from the land of the iditarod and Northern Lights...for just a year or two.
I am from the Sunflower state and summers at the pool...for just a year or two.
I am from the Rockies in Colorful Colorado and frozen hair in winter...for just a year or two.
I am from the Native Americans of Oklahoma...for just a year or two.
I am from Camden Yards on hot summer nights and 4th of July
on the Capital Lawn...for just a year or two.
I am from the sunshowers of New Mexico...for just a year or two.
I am from middle class suburbia.
I am from a family of 5, with 2 pets...dogs almost always.
I am from overachievers who sought good grades and doing what's right
because it's the right thing to do.
I am from passion and art and wisdom.
I am from the Waltons on Thursday nights and 'the Fonz' on Friday.
I am from from izod and 'feathered hair'.
I am from record players and AM radios.
I am from before acronym-society.
I am from memory of the brain, before Bill Gates.
I am from manual typewriters.
I am from playing outside with all the neighbor kids til the streetlight came on.
I am from a latch-key home from the age of 10, because I was "old enough" to stay on my own.
I am from a time when challenging our beliefs
didn't result in burning a flag or banning God from events.
I am from freedom of speech...but not at the expense of another.
I am from grandparents who all farmed and made enough to survive on it.
I am from hullin' peas and eating watermelon picked from the vine.
I am from a time when "super-sizing" wasn't an option.
I am from 3 channels on the television and only 1-TV.
I am from a time when no one under 17 got in to "R-Rated" movies.
I am from a time when it was under $10.00 to go to a NFL game.
I am from the "right side of the tracks".
I am from public schools without fear of gang warfare.
I am from a the Berlin Wall.
I am from a different globe.
I am from a man and a woman
I am from "what happens when two people fall in love".


Claire Joy said...

Love this... and even went to the sites before yours to read theirs. Amazing how little statements about our past can paint such a colorful landscape... I want to do this one too!

HeyJules said...

That was great, KP. Claire Joy is right - it really DID paint a picture of you.