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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I wasn't even going to GO!

I went to a new women’s study this past Sunday. I didn’t sign up initially because I had so many other things going on…and they were doing a study on strengthening marriage and frankly, it’s not an area I struggle in and when I do struggle I don’t typically seek advice from a book…I go to the sources; God and husband.

Last week I was struggling. I just felt like God was telling me to go to this study. I picked up the book on Sunday after service and even read the chapter and answered the questions. The chapter spoke about the wife’s role as ‘helper’ and the role of the submissive wife.

I don’t mind the word helper. I think it’s kind of nice. It reminds me of a Kindergarten teacher’s assistant. I HATE the word Submissive. In this computer's dictionary it means: giving in or tending to give in to the demands or the authority of others.

It reminds me of a dog’s role to his/her owner. I know Satan is the author of these negative connotations. I also immediately think to myself: too stupid to handle it on my own, submit to someone else to make my decisions for me. I’m not really prepared to write anything further on this right now…I really need to pray and seek God in this area to find His answers. Plus due to the daily “challenge” I’ve already said too much on the topic.

The challenge for this week was to take one day (one week if you’re brave) to do NO complaining and/or grumbling. I obviously picked the wrong week to join Bible Study…

I knew there was no way I could do it on a Monday…are you kidding me? I decided to start today. So I’m sitting at my desk, getting ready to ‘clock in’ and thinking Lord, let’s start off right. First forgive me for grumbling about submission…

I’ll continue from yesterday and list 10 blessings in my life today:

1. I had so many clothes to choose from this morning. Thank you Lord for prosperity and plenty!

2. Traffic was light on the way to work. Thank you Jesus for protection!

3. I can see and hear and walk and drive. Thank you Jesus for health and wholeness!

4. I have so many freedoms I take them for granted. Thank you Lord for our country and for those who die to preserve freedom.

5. I have a husband who loves me exactly as I am and still offers me to Jesus daily to grow! Thank you Lord for a GODLY husband who truly treats me as you do the church.

6. I have family that loves me and cares for me. Thank you God for ordaining my parents and siblings.

7. I have talents and abilities. Thank you Lord for choosing them carefully.

8. I have friends. Thank you Lord for meeting every need.

9. I had breakfast this morning and food for each meal. Thank you God for providing our meals.

10. I have a heart filled with the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus for sending this helper!

I pray I can offer one day without grumbling and complaining and if I do “mess up” God will show me immediately so that I can re-set my course.


HeyJules said...

I hate that word too - big time. I'm still learning to deal with it and all the connotations that it brings with it.

Love the list of blessings, though. It's a great way to change one's focus.

the voice said...

Sounds as if you are very blessed, indeed. Had to laugh about "that" word though. My wife hates that word also. When we were planning our wedding, I teased her about it. Needless to say, though, it was not in our vows.

Aunt Murry said...

Wow, I think we all can take a page from that book.

GiBee said...

Amen, friend. Amen. I have to say, though... in our marriage, my hubby is the spiritual head of our household... and TRUST me when I say ... it took me a LONG time to get to this point, and an even longer time to accept it because I'm such a control freak. (I know -- what a shock, huh?)

And having read your writings, I'm pretty confident in saying that I think you feel the same way.

Now, just because he's the head of our household, it doesn't mean I do what he tells me to do like a little lost puppy dog. We make all normal financial decisions together, and I revert back to HIM for all major decisions both financial and spiritual (and now for our new family). I tell him, "honey, I trust your decision (even if I don't like it) and I know God will bless us."

That's how I understand or translate the word submission in Biblical terms. I don't think we're to be door mats and turn e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. over to our husbands, after all -- God did give us brains (PTL!). But for major decisions, in this season of my life, I'd rather HE be responsible in the eyes of God, than me!

Did that make any sense?

I really started to see God's blessing on our relationship and on our marriage when I finally came to this point, and nine out of ten times, he always, ALWAYS asks for my input, advice, and most times, goes with what I say (well, really because we think so much alike, but I like to think it's ME telling HIM what to do - hehehe -- Don't tell God that!!).

GiBee said...

Oh, my! That was a long comment! Sorry!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Thank you so much for your uplifting comment at my blog! You have strengthened my faith and my hope! Loved your advise regarding the lessons learned at the mountaintop--holding through the valleys. This encourages me to do what I can to support my son at the mountaintop--so he has the most time possible for lessons learned and strength gained!


Kristen said...

Oh, wow. Now that is a challenge, I must say! I will have to try and take you up on the challenge to not grumble and complain. I really think that'll be a tough one for me. Especially at work. But I'm up to the challenge!

Claire Joy said...

Jesus never said anything about submission. That's my motto. I'd like to try the grumble challenge too... next week, maybe.

great2beme said...

Submission is an ugly word and it is usually taken out of context (trust me I am an interpreter) I think letting my husband be head of household is different then being his doormat. Also, I am not thrilled with the helper idea either because of where I work but that is for another time. After all if he is such a great leader and I am only following orders there shouldn't be anything to help with right?! See I struggle with it too. Remember when at work and trying not to grumble that you can focus on all the crazy people there or you can focus on God and you will always chose God then you won't feel like grumbling. Often times I sing Chrisstian songs in my head to get through it that usually helps. At least I haven't choked anyone. SMILE!