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Sunday, September 10, 2006

With a Humble Heart...I Write

Several months ago I came upon a site 2996 that was started with the sole intent of recognizing and commemorating, in the form of written tributes, each of the fallen victims and heroes of 9/11. I signed up the same day for this momentous honor.

As the weeks and months passed and 9/11 was quickly approaching, even as late as last week, I was unsure of my own ability, my worthiness, to pen such a tribute. What an incredible honor to speak about one of our fellow Americans following such a tragic event in our history.

I write this tonight in preparation for the flood of memories and tributes that will be written and read for weeks to come; for and of, each one of these 2,996 people on year 5. My prayer is that the words will come and offer a glimpse of one life…while I never actually met him in person; I have his image eternally etched in my heart as I pray for, and remember a life that was taken too soon.

Quilt square 611 of the “United in Memory” project holds a picture of the strong man that lived a life worthy of the honor I write. He was a New York City Fireman. His life was a life of serving and protecting each of us. He offered a bit of hope in despair. He offered certainty in an uncertain world. His name was Ruben David Correa.

In my quest to learn what I could of this hero, I searched and found over 277,000 matches online. Among them, a place where visitors and family still come and write notes to “David”, as he was known among those close to him. He is obviously loved by friends and family and continues to touch many lives beyond his short time on earth.

David Correa was only 44 when he was taken on 9/11. David has a wife and three daughters. He also has grandchildren who will never know first hand the wisdom and wit he carried in life. He was a man of passion, an encourager and comrade among his fellow firefighters.

I would ask each of you that come to this place, no matter why you came, to stop today and pray for David’s family and friends. Pray for their peace and joy to be fully restored. Pray for their souls. Offer a prayer of thanks to God for allowing us to know an earthly angel, a man of love and integrity…a man that would strive for his family, a man that would protect his nation. This is a life that will be remembered and will inspire others for many years to come.

At the Engine 74 Station, behind the Fire trucks is David Correa’s jacket in a place of honor, to remind the other firefighters and visitors that once a life was lived, a price was paid, a man gave his all. While his jacket and helmet now hang unused, his legacy will live on in a spirit of what America was called to defend five years ago…on 9/11.

God bless you Ruben David Correa!


Joy M. said...

Kp, you did a wonderful job. I hope his family and friends get to see this. They would be so proud.

Father bless this man's family, bring healing to his wife, and hope to his children. Never let a day pass that they don't feel your love for them and help them to know that this grieved you too. Allow them to see how their husband's and father's legacy lives on and touches people still. And Father, give kp and special blessing for helping to keep that legacy alive.


Rachelle said...

Wow, beautiful post. Totally gave me chills. You did an amazing job with this, and Ruben is well-honored!

This is so great, being able to read all these posts commemorating all these people.

Brigitte said...

A beautiful tribute Kim! God bless.

Kari said...

Beautiful post, Kim. What a tribute to one of NY's finest. Like Joy mentioned above, I hope that someone in Mr. Correa's family will find this post and be blessed by your honoring of their hero. Thank you for allowing God to work through you and give you the words to pay such wonderful homage to this man.

Dawn said...

As usual, you did a great job of writing. You captured him. Thank you.

Sally said...

Prayed a prayer- now doesn't this put all of our futile debates into perspective???

Aunt Murry said...

Thank you.

Shalee said...

Beautiful remembrance, Kim. Just beautiful.

the voice said...

Awesome tribute, Kim. The men and women of the New York police and fire departments laid down their lives for people they didn't even know. For that, they will always be in my prayers. God bless you Kim.

Lori said...

What a wonderful tribute! Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Kim, this was beautiful.

Let me tell you some other things about R.D.C.

He was a family man and worked a 2nd job, doing security at a synagog, to help pay for the house he bought for his family.

He was also a veteran.

And on 9/11 he had a young man with him during the turmoil and confusion, a young man who was very scared. He told that young man to go ahead of him, that he would watch his back. The young man went ahead, and shortly afterwards a wall came down, right between them. The young man survived - David was never seen again. He saved that young firefighter's life in an attempt to ease his fears and watch out for him. He was that kind of man and will never be forgotten

Overwhelmed! said...

Kim, what a beautiful tribute to David. I've offered up a prayer for his family and loved ones.

I'm going to have to check out the United in Memory project that you mentioned.

You commented on my 911 Remembered post that your prayer is that we LEARNED from this. I couldn't agree with you more!

Grafted Branch said...

That was a tremendous tribute, Kim. I hope his family will find their way to it -- they will surely be blessed by your effort.

Chaos-Jamie said...

May he rest in peace.

tam said...

Lovely, kp, just lovely.

My prayers will continue to go up for his family.

Thank you anonymous who shared a bit more of this man.

Anonymous said...

Ruben David Correa was better knwon to me as my Uncle Dave. I am sorry it has taken me so long to find this site, but now that I have I am touched. Thank you all for such beautiful words.

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