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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Provisions of Grace

There are so many incredibly gifted artisans and writers and home-makers and home-builders and encouragers in this world joined by a network of fiber optic cables. I can almost picture the massive cables sparking as written thoughts, the gamut of emotions and words rush across lines to reach the desired destination. Of course typically my mind travels a much different route than real life, but hey…this is my story!

Among the masses is a woman who I first came to know as a wonderfully encouraging commenter. She would encourage, but she would also push towards something greater. She has that gift. She can sense (in words alone) where Spiritual nudging is needed. She has walked beside me (and countless others) during bouts of uncertainty and reminded me our certainty is steadfast in Christ. She is most certainly an earth angel. I could never begin to encompass her completely in words alone…especially since we’ve never actually met face to face…yet!

We all know her as Tam at “Time for Twittering”. She is a child of God first, a wife second, a mother to beautiful children next, followed by home-maker, artist, encourager, partner. When I think of Tam, I think of the extended family God has given us. She is no less than a sister to me.

With that said, her right and left brain have merged to launch a new business venture. Her love of many things vintage, especially fabric and sewing has led her to this place in her own journey. You probably already know all about it…but just in case you’ve been hidden beneath a mound of endless paperwork and daily grind-ings…her offerings are now available to all of us at Provisions of Grace. The name alone should speak volumes.

Go take a look, browse and if you don’t see anything you can’t live without…let a friend know. She’s got a promotion going and “free treasures” are always wonderful!

I hope you’ll help me wish her well in this venture and pray God would bless her abundantly in this pursuit.

By the way…I’m SO getting some of that alphabet fabric! I can’t WAIT to create something perfectly ‘spell’bound!

Have a day made for embellishing!


Joy M. said...

This is a great plug for Tam! You always do such a good job of promoting others on your site. I know Tam will be pleased.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Sounds fab!! I shall go and have alook - but I fear it will only be after 2cnd October. Great idea Tam, I will come and visit soon. PROMISE!!

Dawn said...

I wish I still had that creativity and energy in my body! What a great place for people who do.

tam said...

Sooooo, you made me do made me do the thing I like least to do (of course the Lord revels in my doing it too just to show me who's in charge)

Tears in my eyes because of the sweet words you wrote...of course there was chuckling along the way (thank you Jesus for this too!) with the right brain and left brain merge!

You are a darling friend to do this for me! Thank you SO much!

(plus you just got 7 chances my friend!)

Sally said...

wow Kim- such a wonderful endorsement for a talented lady- took a look felt in awe- I cannot sew and am not creative beyond words and pictures- (I was thrown out of a needlework calss) but I appreciate the gifts of others. Thanks for being an encourager!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Can't wait to see some of Tam's goodies! It is always a blessing to purchase from a fellow believer!

Stacey said...

I'm going to run by and check that out!