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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Left and Right Collide

I have a bit of free time this morning. My work is caught up and I decided to take my ‘cruise through the cyberspace’. I find it so interesting the diversity of topics even among my small blogroll.

This morning I read about everything from; raising babies and young children, books to read, books in the works, favorite clothing, product endorsements, a lesson in Hermeneutics and Exegesis, a story full of personal pain, the grieving of a grand-daughter, Gnosticism, Fingernails, and frankly much, much more!

My left brain (let’s call him MAC) is always trying to understand and grow in knowledge, while my right brain twitters away (thanks Tam for this re-invented word in my daily vocabulary). My right brain (whom I will call MAGGIE) on the other hand, is constantly seeking spiritual wisdom and relying on the sensory and intuitive nature of all things. Things MAC will never ‘get’.

It’s not unusual for MAGGIE to struggle in attempting to reconcile what MAC is perusing. MAC then sits sometimes in physical pain to what MAGGIE tries to introduce as important and interesting. Conversations, sometimes heated, ensue.

“When will you quit relying on written word alone to teach you?” MAGGIE begs of MAC.

“When will you realize truth is black and white?” MAC responds vehemently.

MAC tends to be a bit more aggressive than MAGGIE in conveying information and defending his own truth. MAGGIE typically ignores it with rolled eyes and a slow shake of her head.
This morning they ran smack into each other as I read a few of these posts. MAC and MAGGIE are feeling a bit cramped, but are handling the merge with a sprinkling of dignity in tact. They have agreed to be civil in this merge (for as long as it lasts) and I’m sure we’ll all benefit.

So what have I missed in my reading? What’s out there? What should I see? Don’t tell MAC and MAGGIE but I’m hoping to introduce as much as possible during the merger so we can ALL grow in it!

I hope your Thursday merge is pain-free!


the voice said...

Great analogy! It is probably the hardest thing we do, trying to discern Truth. I rely on the Spirit to put in on my heart, what is true, and what is not.

Morning Glory said...

Clever analogy and interesting thoughts. I think a coffee break is in order after all that!

Miche said...

Should I be concerned that your brain is arguing with itself? That one side is male & one is female? Pull yourself together woman! I do totally get that though. Dreamy conflicts with cold hard facts sometimes.

Dawn said...

I love it! You are so creative, regardless of which side of the brain you're talking about!

Joy M. said...

hmmm. Does this mean you have a SPLIT personality? Schizophrenic maybe? Could it be that never the twain shall meet?

Oh I don't know. This just conjures up all kinds of silly things in my head. It's not you, I'm just sick, sick, SICK I tell you! LOL Oh no, really it's just the fact that it's 2:29 AM!!!! I have GOT to go to bed! I just had to visit you first (Should I tell you that I get the giggles when I am up late?)

kpjara said...

It could just be that 'inner turmoil' we always hear about.

Sally said...

Kim, sorry if I have added to your anguish- I am full of questions and as you knoe no longerable to live within the black and whire!

kpjara said...


You only add to my joy in knowing and seeing beyond the black and white! You have helped me find more faith by expanding the God I know!

Never doubt that!

tam said...

Hmmm, I agree with Miche...what is up with the boy/girl sides of your brain?

What HAVE you been reading...?

Oh you make me laugh wo-man!

R.G. said...

Oh my, you must have been visiting my brain lately! I have been working on a book that deals with this very issue... the head knowledge vs. the intuitive, or something like that. Sometimes I think my Mac is much stronger, but maybe it's just that it's louder. Because it always seems like the best things come from Maggie. Mac is great at reading the Word, thinking about it, and discerning truth... Maggie seems to get her wisdom in a more direct route, straight from th Holy Spirit. Isn't it cool the way God made us?