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Monday, May 28, 2007

Remembering on Memorial Day

At the church we visited on Sunday the pastor asked us to think about a family member who had served in the military and lost his/her life and say a prayer of remembrance for that person.

I thought and thought but I couldn't think of any of my immediate family that had lost their life in fighting for my freedom. I prayed a general prayer for ALL those who have served and sacrificed. I prayed for the families and I asked God if there was anyone I was forgetting.

A conviction fell over me swift and sure. God asked about His son...Jesus.

Of course...Jesus has fought for my freedom, for OUR freedom and won the final victory for our souls...our eternity. And so I prayed again, a prayer of repentance and thanksgiving for this reminder...for this sacrifice. The sacrifice that matters over all the others.

Here's to ALL who have all who have sacrificed...and to Jesus...the Savior of all!


Rachelle said...

OMG, that is freakin' AWESOME. The best Memorial day post, for sure. Thanks for a heartwrenching reminder.

Dawn said...

What a good though, as usual! Have you settled on a church yet?

Kev and I finished Part 9, the end for now, I guess. Seems kinda sad. Come on over if you have a few minutes (mine's kinda long!)

Dawn said...

Oh, brother! Make that "thought", not "though."

Shalee said...

A most excellent point, Kim. And one I hadn't considered...

Thanks for bringing that one home.

Cool Mama said... maybe it's because I'm Canadian...but I'm unsure why he asked you to say a prayer for someone who had already died? Was he meaning to pray for their families?? Just curious - that seemed a bit odd to me! father served in WWII in the navy, so on our Rememberance Day - and on your memorial Day - I always think of those that have served and given their lives, so that I can have the freedom I have - and then I remember their families, and ask God to bless them for giving such a sacrfice for 'me'! Blessings! Oh...and how is the church hunt going??

Becky Wolfe said...

Good reminder. He fought & died, resurrected & will continue to fight for us till the final day, and on that day, we sure know HE is going to win for us!

Nancy said...

WOW, aren't you the smart one to think of that. The ultimate sacrifice! Thanks for sharing... this is great food for thought.

Dawn said...

Just stopping by to say Hi!

Grafted Branch said...

A very wonderful revelation. Thanks for sharing it.

I don't get by often, but it's always interesting when I do. I feel for you in the church shopping; been there, done that -- no fun.