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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nothing Much

I'm not exactly sure what's going on with me...well aside from the obvious...I think about things I want to write or share but then I just never sit down and do it.

I guess I'm on a blog-cation of some sort and I hope to get out of the 'funk' soon cause I miss it...I really do...the words seem to be hidden in a place somewhere just beyond my grasp.

I remember someone saying something about a Monday Blessings kind of post and I may try that to help me get out of this place...this pit...I've found myself in lately.

I wish I had words...I just don't

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement and hopefully I'll find some words soon!


Diane said...

Or you could start with a Thankful Thursday post....they always provide a reflective time as you are searching the list of your life and begin to see that we do have so much to be thankful for.

I hope you are doing spite of the funk that you find yourself in. How can we hear you after all....if you are not speaking! I hope you find your words soon. And if I can help you in any way...please don't hesitate to email.

God Bless you my blogging friend!


Diane said...

I have returned to say--

I know, I know, I know.....your goal is not just to find the words to blog--how shallow of me!

It is my heartfelt prayer that you will find the words as you pray to your Heavenly Father.....He is always faithful to fill our hearts.

God Bless!


Dawn said...

I miss your words and hope they can get out of you soon. You always make me think. Thanks for stopping by my yard show and tell yesterday - it was nice to see your name again. I hope you have found the church for you!

Are you coming to Colorado any time soon?

Rachelle said...

"The words seem to be hidden in a place just beyond my grasp..." Well said. Sometimes the words are hiding, other times they're just taking the time they need to percolate until they're ready. And you know, sometimes there are more important things than the words. (Hard to believe, I know!) God bless you during your "quiet" time. And may you HEAR God's words to you, regardless of whether you find any of your own.

Shalee said...

Hang in there Kim. The words will come in God's time and all will feel right in the blog world again.

Claire Joy said...

I'm supposed to tell you you're tagged to do a meme by posting a comment to your blog. TAG! You're it!!