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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Week Gone By

WOW! It's Thursday night and I haven't even had the computer ON since my last post. We've been inundated with very active and ominous weather and I didn't want to risk losing my hard-drive by one strike of lightening.

I have so much to many words reserved but I already feel my eyelids drooping and begging for some shut eye, so I'll try to be brief.

We had the opportunity to go see "CoSign" with my sister and a friend of hers last weekend. It's a comedic musical performance by Deaf Interpreters and it is a show worth seeing. It is hilarious. They are from Connecticut but come to Oklahoma occasionally because of family. I can't believe they don't have a link...but take my word for it...they ROCK!

Saturday I scored some good buys at garage sales and then my husband took the niece and nephew to see Spiderman 3 while I cleaned the house and did all the laundry and watched Lifetime television. We had a quiet evening together.

Sunday we visited Church #2. It was an experience. It wasn't a BAD experience...just an experience. It's a church that moved because their old building was leveled by a tornado a few years ago. The building is beautiful and as we pulled up to the place I immediately made an observation: we were under-dressed.

You see, I don't put on 'airs'. I wear whats comfortable, especially on the weekend! We were in shorts and t-shirts. Actually I had on a pair of capris and a t-shirt, not too shabby...but NOT a dress or slacks.

My HUSBAND, my casual day, EVERYDAY husband...says as we're approaching the suited greeters: "I told you, you can NEVER be overdressed." I laughed and laughed as I attempted to shake the man's hand, forgetting that many denominations don't shake the woman's hand. Okay, strike 2 for me. I am under dressed AND tried to grope the guy...LOL

We make it inside and it's gorgeous in there. People are smiling and very friendly. One woman approached us and we explained we were new. She quickly gave us the history of this place, pointed towards the sanctuary and asked if we had any children.

My husband and I have decided in tribute to Bill Engvall, we are going to come up with some of our own "Here's your sign" remarks to this question. Here's some samples:

"Oh we NEVER bring the kids to churches we're just DATING!" or how about...

"The baby was sleeping so soundly we decided to leave her home. She's okay in that crib."

We didn't actually say that but we both agreed it's a strange question to ask two adults who are clearly without children.

SO we go into service and again it's a beautiful, perfectly pewed church, with well-dressed folks just there to worship God. Pretty soon we were glad we were the 'fashion don'ts' because the air was broken and it has been HUMID lately in this rain forest of a city. SO while most everyone is fanning themselves with the worship bulletin, we're basking in our state of under dressed coolness.

I listened to the worship, hoping for something less traditional, but enduring through it. The prayer time was awesome and full of the Spirit of God and the Scriptural reading was awesome as well. We heard a sermon from Isaiah 40, a wonderful passage of hope and God's glory. We were reminded of the God who transcends everything; circumstance, person, power, every other god or idol...everything!

The preacher was passionate and spoke again and again to the youth who sat together near the front. As I sat and listened I realize we wouldn't be back. Not because it was 'missing anything', but because I'm somehow stuck between desiring freedom and uniqueness in a church setting and the desire for some traditional elements. I want it all and while we search and wait, we might as well try them all, right?

So, church #2...not so much! They were lovely people and it was very age-diverse, which is a HUGE plus to us, but it just isn't the church for kpjara and P-diddy.

So we continue on our search...this week another denomination and another one close to our home. My parents visited and thought it was too 'out there' which of course is what draws me. We'll see.

We are also going to 'Rooster Fest" one of Broken Arrows events each year. I've never been, but it was featured in one of the Fun and Family Magazines and we thought we'd give it a try. Plus I'll get to visit my sister and the kids too.

Then of course Sunday...we'll spend with Mom. We're going to see "Georgia Rules" with Mom and Dad and probably have some dinner. It should be a full weekend and lots of fun.

I hope to get back online before the end of next week. The weather sounds like it's going to be clear until the end of next week.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day and know that if you're a mother you're blessed among women!
Enjoy the celebration of your legacy!


Cool Mama said...

Hi! Well, I'm just catching up on your blog these tell me, what kind of church are you looking for? I'm just curious...have you actually sat down and written down the things you 'value' in a church: eg. like relaxed dress....more contempary worship...biblical preaching etc etc...I'm just asking because if you know what you're looking for, you might be able to actually 'google' some different demoninations and see if theya re in your area - or other larger church affliations like Vineyard...or ...ones like that! Anyways...I can relate to showing up at a church and feeling 'undressed'.Hubby and I went visiting this summer...and I felt so out of place at the church we visited..that I was hoping no one would recognize we were pastors from town! ( Figured they'd probably write us off as ' those kind' know rebellious..cause we both wore shorts ( I wore capris)..and hubby was in khaki's!! But none the less, the suits and ties, tho friendly...were not impressed! I feel your pain my friend...and if I'm at all discerning...Jesus is probably feeling it too!

Dawn said...

I didn't know there are denominations who won't shake a woman's hand. Weird!!

I'll be anxious to see what you think of Georgia Rules, because I just read a really negative, long article critiquing it. Let us know.

I hope you find "your" church soon.

Dawn said...

I hope you had a good Sunday!

Part 8 is up for both Kev and me.