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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sheep Gone Bad

I love The Far Side comics. I think they speak directly to the heart of the matter. One of my co-workers has The Far Side calendar for 2007 and she brings me the daily comics each morning. This morning spoke volumes about the 99/1 lesson I struggled with so much in the Bible.

So I read this. *it says: "Wait! Wait! Listen to me! ... We don't HAVE to be just sheep!"

Then the light begins to dawn...This is something I would do and say! I am clearly that sheep. The one that would wander away because I just KNOW I can be MORE! I am the sheep that had to be chased down and possibly have my legs broken because I tend to wander off. I am the sheep that could even convince a cluster or small group of other sheep to go astray...out to where the wolf lies in wait to devour lost sheep.

For me, finding and remaining in the place God puts me is a difficult challenge. It's not impossible. I stayed at my last job WAY longer than I would have, had God not been leading me. These are some of those painful growing pains. The growth is absolutely necessary...and the pain that accompanies this vital growth with not soon be forgotten.

As I recall stories of childbirth from friends and family, I remember hearing ALMOST each one that the pain was unbelievable, incomparable, even excruciating. My sister swore she'd never do it again. Yet my nephew was born just 6 years later.

I have to believe it's the same with life lessons. Some are so painful we think we'll never allow ourselves to go through it again...but even some of the most painful become just bittersweet reminders that everything comes at a cost. There is NO true growth WITHOUT pain.

And so...I continue to learn; it's not about being JUST a's about learning to be the very best sheep I can be. It's about honing and embracing each of my sheep qualities.


Rachelle said...

Yes, growth is painful. But by God's grace, the pain is often sooner forgotten than we'd think. Great insight from the sheep! (I have that same 2007 Far Side calendar. Love it!)

Shalee said...

Growing pains... they're not fun, but when they're done, we stand a little taller. (And I love the Far side too!)

Dawn said...

Great truth in that comic. I talk about redemption of pain in today's post - USING what we go through for His glory.

Tami Boesiger said...

When I am in the middle of the pain, it doesn't seem so great, but hindsight always proves it worthwhile and I think I can take it again until it comes. But it never makes me want to avoid it.
About a year ago I asked God to do whatever it took to make me humble (barring the death of a close family member) and that has been a painful ongoing process, but I would not wish it away.

I like the way you think, Kim, and am glad you are getting settled in your job and posting more often, so I've tagged you. Love to learn more about you.

Becky Wolfe said...

I too am that wandering sheep. Just when I get settled somewhere, I start to wonder what's around the next corner. Its a restlessness I have. Like my job also, I feel like I have LONG overstayed that phase of my life & need a change there. Some change is good, if its right. Sometimes its hard to discern between 'right' and being that restless wandering sheep.