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Monday, May 14, 2007

Church #3

We visited this church this past Sunday. It was not at all what I expected. The worship was really powerful and the mood was set with a candle lit room. There were open invitations for families to come and pray together at prayer tables...or at the alter. It was Mother's Day so of course it was a bit different than usual...the Pastor's Wife spoke...she shared her story as a Mom and wife in ministry.

I thought she had a wonderful ability to connect to the women and men alike. She shared her story openly...even the stuff from the beginning of their ministry where she had to learn some hard lessons about serving and boundaries.

The message was primarily directed to the mothers and at first I thought it would be hard...another mother's day without that experience...but what really got to me...and opened up the faucet of tears was when she started talking about how God works.

She reminded us (me) that God...the God of the Universe, who can speak things into existence; God who created EVERYTHING saw a need for an Abraham Lincoln and he used a poor farmer women to bring this baby into the world. When God needed a Martin Luther King Jr. he chose another woman, not a wealthy woman, but a God-fearing woman to bring this baby into the world. And when God needed a Savior...He used a young girl with a heart for God to bring a Savior into the world. Our creator did the same thing with us.

God needed a Kim to do His He chose a man and a woman to bring this baby into the world for God's purpose. While God may not use me to bring a baby into this world, I will be used to do His will in His time, at His leading. That's a humbling and incredibly love-filled reminder.

We left the service and while I don't know my husband's take on the whole thing, I think I was more 'touched' than he was. We'll probably go back and at least hear the Pastor preach.

After church, we took Mom (and Dad) out to see the movie "Georgia Rule". It was definitely "R" rated. The language was stronger than I thought it needed to be. The story was much more intense than the previews let on. It's really a story about overcoming the bad stuff life brings...with family. It's a love story, but a difficult story to watch, because so much of the lesson is born of pain.

Jane Fonda was incredible in her role (and I'm not a huge Jane Fonda fan...but she really stole the show). Lindsay Lohan was 'okay' and Felicity Huffman definitely held her own. There was some beautiful scenery of Idaho (or what I imagine was really Idaho). And thankfully it ended overall I don't regret seeing it and while I may not recommend it over some other was okay and Mom really liked it.'s Monday evening and I'm zonked...I guess this is everything for now.

I hope your mother's day brought joy and an increase in wisdom! Thank God for our Mothers, the women used by God to bring His children to earth.


pdiddy said...

I enjoyed hearing the Pastor's Wife also. The Pastor lead worship. The sanctuary seemed small perhaps because the ceiling is lower that church 1 and 2.

Dawn said...

It was interesting to hear your take on the movie, because what I've read was so negative. I don't go to movies, and wait till they come out. But I really can't take movies with the language thing. I always wonder if people who talk that way are offended when there isn't foul language, as we are who don't use it to have it there.

Kristen said...

What a great message the pastor's wife had! I never would have thought of things that way!

I'm not a big Lindsay Lohan fan so not sure I would see that movie. I'm glad your mom enjoyed her day, though. :-)

great2beme said...

That was really good. I want to blog again but I am scared. I am scared I will seem like a downer or like my life might become reality instead of dennial. The pit is closer than ever before help! I love you. good blog sister sue!!!!

Becky Wolfe said...

Ooops. Just lost my comment - always remember to copy first.

Glad you had a good church experience. I like the perspective gained from the Pastor's Wife. God used ordinary women to raise extraordinary people. But that he needs you for His special purpose just as much, whether or not it includes mothering. (I'm struggling with that right now too) I figure God will let me know IF & when the time is right for that!

PS I finally did my 7 Things meme yesterday :)

Dawn said...

Hi, Kim - I finally finished the meme! Sorry it took so long. I had to do Part 8 with Kev first.