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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Church #4

My Hubby blogged his first Meme...check him out to encourage this relatively new hobby. It's not easy for him because he looks at the written word as absolute...obviously not like me in this way! But give a 'shout out' if you have a free minute!

We visited, what I would consider, a MEGA-Church today. It is a non-denominational church and we already watch the pastor on TV each Sunday typically. We love to hear this pastor speak and teach. He has a natural ability to teach and preach with passion. We've visited here a few times and seen special speakers at this location.

They are doing a special series "He Said/She Said" in which both the pastor and his wife are teaching. Today they covered Gary Smalley's; "The Five Love Languages". I love the book and my husband and I have listened to the CD's in the past so it was a good refresher.

I'm still more of a temperament follower than love languages, but I see the value of both in just learning more about those we love and even those we interact with.

SO...why don't we just choose this church and start 'plugging in'? Mostly because it is SO big...there are 6 weekly services and each one, including the 9:00 a.m. service we attended today, are packed out. I believe they have well over 10,000 members, if you include their off-site locations in OKC, Norman, LasVegas, Texas, and online. That's overwhelming to me and even with small groups I don't know if it would ever feel like a 'home church' to me.

They were actually doing a small group expo today and we picked up some information on small groups available and this is also the church that sponsors the writer's small group I have attended.

I just don't want to be a part of a church that wouldn't know whether I was there or not and it doesn't really matter whether I serve or not. My husband did point out that it might be nice to attend a church with more volunteers.

Each week I long for a home church or a small intimate setting. Cool Mama recommended in one of her comments to me, that we sit down and write out what it is we're looking for in a church home.

I haven't formally done that...but I just may attempt it this week. I think part of it is I'm afraid to be too concrete for fear it really doesn't exist. I think about how I met my husband and how it was SO God...and I want to believe the same will happen with church.

It was a good visit today...but I seriously doubt it's our new the search continues.

We also went to see the movie "The Invisible" today...and it's not even worth a link. It just wasn't a great movie...not even a good movie...thankfully it was an early "cheap" movie.


Spookie the Warrior said...

I wnet and checked out your Hubby's blog. Pretty cool that he's blogging now too - and to think you even learned some new things about him. Very cool.

I pray you find a "home" church soon. I know I did. And it was SO God too.

Dawn said...

I'll check out the blog soon! I hope you feel at home soon. I can't imagine now feeling that way at church. I've been blessed.

Rachelle said...

A few years ago we went through what you're going through now, choosing a church. We've been going there three years now, but like you say, the perfect church doesn't exist! I've been blogging lately about my own church frustrations. I know this is just a phase but it's frustrating! I wish I could find a church that would make me just get super excited to get up on Sunday morning and go there!

pdiddy said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I also enjoyed the refresher on the Love Languages. I would suggest The Invisilbe as a matinee or renter.

GiBee said...

Well, then ... you need to come live next door to me, and go to church with me. It's a small church that's big on love, kindness, warmth, and a passion for Jesus!