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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Permission Slip

I saw this in my newest "Real Simple" magazine and I thought 'what a WONDERFUL idea'. Writing ourselves a PERMISSION SLIP for everyday life!

I, kpjara , am hereby granted permission to enjoy some chocolate without guilt , watch some mindless television , daydream about a beach vacation as I complain about the snow , and read blogs for an hour .

February 15, 2007

By: kpjara
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You should try it...very freeing!

So my wonderful husband took me out to dinner and a movie last night. We went to Cheeseburgers in Paradise (one of my favorite low-key places to go). We then met up with a group of 6 other couples from church and went to see "Music and Lyrics". I never understood GROUP movie dates.

While the movie was 'okay' ...frankly I liked "Because I Said So" better. I think it's mostly because seeing Hugh Grant aging, next to the fair and eternally youthful Drew Barrymore, was tough. After all, Hugh and I are from the same generation and I live in perpetual denial about my physical aging. Seeing Hugh and Drew romantically involved was too weird for me. He could be her father...says the critic who is married to a man 7 years her junior.

So...the movie was funny in parts, inspiring and sometimes sad in parts. Overall I'd give it 2 1/2 stars (on a scale of * to *****). I know others have already talked about it but I'm telling you Hollywood is not doing such a great job coming up with original screenplays that not only draw an audience but leave you breathless or even in tears (except for in the sad fact that you spent money to watch the darn thing)!

This weekend we are heading to the Big-D to visit with Paul's little sister (whom we haven't seen since our wedding in 1998!) It's going to be good to see her. She was still in high school last time we saw her. She now has a Masters degree and is working PR with her mother. My husband didn't get to spend much time with her as she was with their dad and he lived with his mom.

My husband informs me that the hotel we are staying in has 'wireless access' so we're taking the laptop and I'm getting caught up on blogs-a-many that I have been away from for so long it hurts my head...and my heart.

I thought about just retiring from 'blogging' during my training at work, but it's like saying goodbye to such good friends! I just don't think I can do I'll read and write when I can and hopefully every once in awhile I'll even write something meaningful. Who knows...maybe I have a decent screenplay in me! Okay...probably not...just a thought...LOL!

Remember your life is a need music AND lyrics!


Spookie the Warrior said...

I know what you mean - about the movie - I have become really picky about what I watch and Romantic Comedies are never on my choice lists. Unless it is showing on tv and I have nothing else to do. I look for movies with depth, storyline and meaning. Hard to find - but worth it when you do.

Glad to hear you decided NOT to stop blogging, I would have been terribly sad if you did. Look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance to catch up a little.

Shalee said...

I don't go to movies because it cost too dang much! So I'm glad that in my imagination, I made a good choice when I said "Naaah" when I saw the preview.

Yes, indeed. There's nothing like saving a few of those imaginary dollars...

And if you'd decided to give up blogging, I would have to come to OK personally to knock some sense into you. Thanks for saving me a trip.

Glad that you and P got out for awhile to enjoy each other. I'm even more glad to hear that all is going well with you!

And I love the permission slip thing! It would be refreshing to hear that it's OKAY to just do stuff.

Rachelle said...

Well, I still want to see the movie because I love Hugh Grant, wrinkles and all. But thanks for the 2-1/2 star warning. I'll just lower my expectations.

And I can tell you after my 2-1/2 month blogging hiatus that it IS freeing to eliminate blogging from your life... in the same what it might be freeing to eliminate chocolate!!! Yeah, there are advantages, but you miss it too much! So... I'm back online! I've missed your blog (when I stopped blogging, I quit BOTH writing and reading them.) It's awesome for me to catch up on your posts!

Have a wonderful time this weekend.

Butterfly Kisses said...

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Cool Mama said...

Hi! Love the idea of giving myself permission - or in my case, I think I've been giving myself TOO much permission these days! actual permissin slip will ease my conscience! And thanks for the heads up about the movie - I wondered if it would be any good. I'm thinking about heading out for a girls night to see 'Bridge to Teribithea' - haveyou heard anything about it? Let me know if you have - wouldn't want to waste good money on what should be a miss, or a rental! So..enjoy your time away...glad you have internet access! Isn't it great?!! WE can always be just a click away...

Sally said...

Love it Kim- think I'll do my own permission slip!

Aunt Murry said...

Oh don't go. I know that I don't get by as often as I use to but we connect on so many levels I would miss reading what you have to say. You have made me a better person in the spiritual sense.

Joy M. said...

I, too, had thought about "retiring from 'blogging'", but I agree, it's too much like saying goodbye. I missed everyone.