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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cheap Date Ideas

Okay so I'm trying to think of wonder "cheap date" ideas for my dear friend Shalee and I asked my husband for his input as well. Here are a few suggestions....and please click the link on the pic above and get over to Shalee's place and leave her some ideas. Poor dear is 'hurting' for Valentine's Date ideas and the big 'love fest' is just around the corner!

1. Go on a picnic in a botanical garden. (could be a bit cold in February), and just go OUT for dessert.

2. Go on a 'scavenger hunt' together searching for all things 'love' related.

3. Volunteer at a city rescue mission together and SHARE the Love.

4. Go to the library for one of their free events.

5. Go play frisbee in 3 different parks in one day.

6. Go test drive a 'dream car' and then wash your own vehicles together.

7. Play laser tag!

8. Go roller skating or inline skating in a park.

9. Play tennis at a community park.

10. DO a hand or face casting of each other or together. Get some casting materials (at Hobby Lobby $3.99 per only need one roll for aLOT of projects) and make casts of your hands together or your faces and then paint, decorate them together.

You just cut strips of the casting material (about 3-4 inches each) and them get a bowl of warm water. ***Make sure if you do this one to "oil the skin well' with vegetable oil so the casting material doesn't stick. Put your hands however you want them and then dip a strip in the warm water, then place on the hands and smooth it out (until well smoothes) repeat until entire surface is covered (on one side only or you'll struggle getting free). Let dry for about 5-10 minutes then wiggle your hand beneath the casting material until it 'breaks free'. Let it set for an hour or so before painting it. You can heat it in the over to dry it faster. They are quite unique. We did the "I love you" signs for a Mother's day gift once. Kids all ages enjoy this...messy and fun!

I can't wait to read the other ideas! and I do hope a book is published one day with all the great ideas!


Spookie the Warrior said...

This is cool!! I will go over to Shalees Blog now!!

Shalee said...

Kim, I thank you greatly for giving Mr. Right and me some love ideas... We're just so in need of it right now. This morning Mr. Right said, "I've decided that for Valentine's day we'll just go out to eat and then walk around Barnes and Noble." Then he just started chuckling... The man is sick, I tell you, and in need of this help.

My favorite one that you posted was #3. Sharing the love... That's one I hadn't thought about doing and it would be so refreshing. Leave it to you to think of others on a day we usually only think of ourselves... That's why I'm honored to call you friend.

Kristen said...

Wow. Those are some very creative ideas, Kim. I would have never even thought of half of those. I really like the idea of making casts of eachother.

Thanks for the great suggestions!

Cool Mama said...

Hey girlfriend...great ideas! My hubby and I just usually go out for nice cup of coffee, or lattes together...and if we're really in the money, we rent a favorite movie. For supper? Well don't laugh...but I usually make a heart shaped meatloaf! Ya gotta love Valentines on a budget!!