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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Checking In

Apparently I've entered the busy stage of life. I refuse to believe I'm just slowing down! Since my last post I have been going, going, going!

One of my very best friends (and the one I've known the longest since about 1983), was throwing a party for her Mom's 70th birthday! Her mom taught school for decades and is involved in a National women's club. Suffice to say the 'to-do' was bigger than most weddings. We had cake and punch for 400. We had a giant chocolate fountain (delish by the way).

I had helped her do a really unique invitation complete with a mosaic of pictures throughout her mom's life. It was really lovely. Here is the picture:

Don't you just LOVE that picture of her in that hat sipping the tea or coffee? I love that picture. I love them all! This is a woman who has impacted my life from my early twenties til this very day. She has given of herself daily. She has shown love, where there was none. She has offered everything she has, expecting nothing. She is absolutely the epitome of Christian love and service. She is my "Mom II".

My friend doesn't mind sharing her, afterall she's had to share her throughout her life. It's taught my friend about giving freely.

A part of the "good" that is in due to my Mom II.

The party was a blast, but exhausting. We dove into the project during the invitation phase full of vim and vigor...but by Sunday evening we were certain our short-lived catering/party planning career was kaput! I know I didn't work this hard for my own wedding!

I'm now in week four of training at work and I've completed 'phone training' yesterday. Which only means I can answer phone calls from various call centers about billing and coverage issues. I've never had a problem with phones. I was a girl once after all! Even before the era of cell phones, as a teenager I was never far from the land line with the cord stretched to oblivion as I traversed the house chatting til my mom-assigned 'minutes' were used in full!

I'm not sure what's in store for today at this new job, but whatever it is, I'm certain it will keep me busy. And tomorrow is the 'love fest' Hallmark cards 'pumped up' for us over the years. My husband has a surprise in store, unfortunately so does Mother Nature...and until I see if my feet will stay grounded, I'm staying 'put'!

By the way...that groundhog may need some new specs! I see NO end in sight to this winter to forget. Perhaps I need to reread Ecclesiastes and God's promise of a new tomorrow...every day!

Have a Tuesday in the upper 70's (at least in memory)!


Praying for your Prodigal said...

What a beautiful tribute!

And yes, I can relate to the stretching of that telephone I paced every corner of the kitchen while talking non-stop on the phone! It is a right of passage--whether cell phone or ancient!

What a blessing this woman must have been to you--and how wonderful that you took the time to bless her!


Morning Glory said...

Oh, the pictures are BE-U-tiful! What a pretty woman.

I'm glad the new job is coming along well. I still have a land line phone here with a 25-foot cord so I can stretch it into oblivion. Love it. I always know where the phone is when it rings.

Sally said...

What great pictures, and so well put together...

glad the new job is working out

Peace and blessings


Shalee said...

Love the collage of pictures, Kim. And yes the coffee and hat on is fabulous. (Personally, I like the one of her sitting on the dock.)

Work HAS been keeping you busy! But I'm glad that you're keeping up and enjoying the new pace.

Happy Valentine's day (early). I hope you and hubs have a fantastic one- with or without the snow!

Dawn said...

I love the collage - what a beautiful lady. Sounds like quite a bash. I hope I have one that big in 10 more years. Will you help Kristen do it, please???

Sounds like this new job has quite a large learning curve. I'm sure you'll ace it soon.

Yes, spring will come one of these days and will we ever love it this year! I'm just glad I don't live in upstate New York.

pdiddy said...

My dear,
You were busy last week end and I am sure the Birthday Girl appreciated your hard work and Love. I am sure you can handle the phones.


Spookie the Warrior said...

That mosaic is beautiful!!! I like the picture of her with the feathers - so elegant.
(Note to self - Invest in chocolate fountain)

Glad things are going well at work. Sounds like you are enjoying it.

oh and:


Morning Glory said...

Stopping by to say Happy Valentine's Day!

Joy M. said...

OOOOh! Weren't pictures so elegant back then. I love the collage!

Don't get jealous, the temps here were in the upper 60's yesterday. It ALMOST got to 70! Oh I am so ready for SPRING!!!

GiBee said...

Aren't you a clever girl? The mosaic is simply beautiful, as I'm sure the invitation was, too!