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Monday, February 19, 2007

Home Again, Home Again...

We made it to (and fro) Dallas alive! It was a bit harrowing at times and I promise the traffic in Dallas rivals LA, though Dallas drivers move along a LOT quicker! I only saw my life pass before my eyes twice…I think. I don’t know how these people do this on a regular basis. I mean Saturday afternoon traffic came to complete stops at certain points, for no apparent reason. It was unbelievable.

We stopped along the way at the Gainesville Outlet Malls and it was like a ghost town. There are hardly any shops open, but we did find some shirts for Paul at one store and picked up a couple of gifts for other people.

Most importantly we have spent time just chatting and chatting and chatting with one of Paul’s little sisters that we never get to see. It’s been years!

She’s all grown up now and an incredible young lady. She has an old soul, of that I’m certain. She’s very easy to talk to and she has insight and knowledge beyond her years. It’s always very refreshing to me to spend time with ‘extended’ family and it’s not a stilted meeting or uncomfortable in any way. I honestly wish we could spend more time ‘hanging out with her’, though she is here for a job, so that may not be possible.

I think we will get to see her at least once before she heads back home. It has encouraged me to do a better job keeping up with her though. I understand she is an ‘emailer’ like me. I am SUCH a better emailer than a ‘phone chatterer’. I think I just OD’d on the phone as a chatty youth.

It’s Monday now and my poor husband went to the doctor with is a cold-gone-productive cough. So instead of enjoying our day off together with a movie, I will enjoy caring for him and bringing him fluids to keep him hydrated. I am going to sneak in a quick trip to a sale with my mom this afternoon but I’ll be back in a jiff and maybe he’ll even nap while I’m away.

Oh and the sun is finally shining and it may actually get to seventy degrees today! Thank you Lord!


Dawn said...

Sounds like your new job gave your President's Day off. So luycky! We unfortunately only celebrate MLK Day, and not the presidents. I won't go any further than that statement. Hope hubby feels better soon! Welcome home safely!

Sarah said...

Hey there! glad to have found your blog again. I always enjoyed your writing style and especially enjoyed your movie review today. Funny thing is my forty-something sister was grossed out at the concept of Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore together and I insisted that there could not be a love interest between them in the movie because it was so unlikely....guess i was wrong, they actually did it huh?...I'm just waiting for Hollywood to catch up to the times and have older women together with younger men. I mean it's happening so often these days you'd think Hollywood would latch on to the subject...holy cow! I think I just thought of your new screenplay! and who better to write it but a woman with experience...just remember to thank me in your Oscar speech ;-D

Morning Glory said...

Welcome home! I'm jealous of your 70 degree weather.

Shalee said...

Hope Paul feels better! My girl had that too and it took a while for her to buck it. I bet you'll be the best nurse to him...

And PRAISE THE LORD for this sunshile! We didn't get up to 70, but I'll take a 60 any day after all the cold.

Kristen said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!

Sorry Paul is sick on your day off! I hope he feels better soon.

And seventy degrees?! I'm just a little bit jealous.

timefortwittering said...

Feel like running to you and giving you a great big, I-haven't-seen-you-in-soooooooo-long-hug, and I haven't. (oh! right! I've NEVER seen you!!!...I forget that part!)

Sounds like Dallas was great! Hope P-Diddy is feeling better today!

timefortwittering said...

Do you not have email on here??? When did that happen?

Ok, well, I need you to email me your phone...I think I remember it but I still need your email...I am house sitting 6 hours from home and have signed onto my email but nothing I need is showing up!

If that doesn't work I'll get Gordon to find it for me!

I have SO MUCH to share with you guys and want to talk with YOU!!!

Miss you, miss you, miss you!

Aunt Murry said...

If you think Dallas is crazy go to Chicago. I got stopped for going the speed limit - I wasn't keeping up with traffic. Strange place. I love catching up with relatives.

Yay for the Sun! I missed it.

Nancy said...

Welcome home and I hope hubby feels better soon. Make him some chicken soup. Have a great day!