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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Somewhere Between 8 and 80

I am so happy for Adele. She won a bunch of awards this week. Sadly, I've never heard any of her music and when everyone goes on and on about her I just politely nod and say, hmmm.

I'm not saying I haven't heard of her because I'm so old and 'out of touch'. Several years ago I made a decision to fill my mind with music other than mainstream stuff that was becoming so much a part of who I was and it wasn't pretty...same with reading. I've only recently begun to read books other than Christian fiction and nonfiction. I still have a hard time with music.

Somewhere between 8 and 80 I have changed. No, I'm not 80 yet, but I also know these changes are ongoing for life as I evolve and grow.

Tyler Perry has a new movie coming out and the tag line is going to become my new one in this life search.

"Kpjara is about to discover the person she is meant to be."

It's time for to discover...

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