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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Fit Is ALL Wrong...

I've felt this so many times...both in dressing rooms, relationships, and especially jobs. I still haven't pinpointed my one-true-career, but I am narrowing down the absolutely NO WAY JOSE'.

In my 'haste' to be a respectable employed citizen I applied for a number of positions on Monday that while I am absolutely qualified to perform...they are back to the same 'bad choices' on the past that have brought me here.

I had a call back about one with an insurance company and my mind wanted to go-for-it, but my heart just reminded me that it's not the answer. Better to struggle through this time of 'searching' then do something rash and not ideal.

I am the panda in a gummie bear world! I am definitely feeling out of place and...honestly out of joint this week as I embark on this new journey. I do NOT fit with the stay at home kids here and nothing to discuss...and I don't fit with the working class either...I'm in a quiet place. I hope to use the time well and in introspection as I seek Godly wisdom and direction and find my way 'home' to that one true career.

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