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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I know, I know, we are NEVER supposed to say this. I’m just feeling extremely over-stimulated by social media.

It was one thing when we could instant message, then the blogdom began its reign. The next thing you know…people are you-tubing, tweeting, face booking, live streaming… and the list goes on…and on…and on.

I have always been an information seeker, but I am so inundated with information I can hardly tell fact from crap and sometimes do not even have the wherewithal to refer back to truth as my source. It is no wonder we all struggle with self-image and self-worth when we are reminded daily in so many formats how inadequate we are and how uninformed we remain.

I am not sure if I am to the point where I need to cut it all off or if I can self-censor so that I can maintain my own creative outlet and the cyber-friendships I so cherish.

I do feel compelled to turn ‘off’ comments on this blog so the purity of the message and my motivation remain intact. Add to that the disdain I feel for the advertisements weakly disguised as comments (YUCK with a capital “Y”)!

Here is a ‘shout-out’ for being still and remembering…He is still GOD!”

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