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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From the Outside Looking In...

God definitely has me in a time and place of forced meditation and pondering. I've been watching from outside my own life and one thing is clear. I'm on the perimeter of many friendships. I can't seem to find the intimate friendship like David and Jonathan shared and at times it's very frustrating.

I do also realize at this time in my life that may not make sense, as a friend may distract me from this time of contemplation. I do have a very dear friend...but she has a very dear family that need her far more than I do at this time.

I've been reading The Resolution for Women and I came across some really valid points in my own life right now. The author says:

"Don't save your best for later.

Don't wait to finish school, reserving your best works for whenever you land a real job that's actually taking you somewhere. Don't wait until you're married when the things you do well feel more like they're contributing to building a home and a life. Don't wait until you start a family, thinking you'll be more inspire to give your best when you have children to invest in. Don't wait until your kids leave the nest, biding your time until you're free to pour yourself into the next challenge."

What I am getting out of this NOW! God equips us right now!

I'm going to strive to do now what I am to do and not 'save' it for a better day.

Wish me luck!

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