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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Last Time...

The hubs and I rented a couple of films this weekend. One was pretty good about a female pastor who is sent to a small town church in an effort to get rid of her. It's called "Welcome to Paradise". It was pretty good for a low-budget film.

The second film was "Griffin & Phoenix" and we picked it up because I like the actors in it, but it was a bit morbid and depressing. It was about dying. Both the lead characters met, fell in love and both realized they were dying of cancer. Yes...a bit dark for a romantic comedy (which is how it was marketed).

Anyway, the one redeeming quality was a scene where the female lead (Amanda Peet) is in the hospital preparing to die and she starts recanting 'the last time...' As in the last Christmas she would ever have...was last year...the last kiss she would have...even the last time she brushed her teeth at home.

It made me stop and think about each thing I do in a day and how I too often take for granted it won't be my 'last time'. I realized I need to inhale each day fully and really live in that moment and enjoy it as if it were...'the last time.'


Dawn said...

What a good thought - a positive outcome from a rather depressing movie!

I watched a really good one this week - I don't know how old it is, but it stars Cicely Tyson, who I really like. It was called "The Road to Galveston." Made me cry - good tears.

MommaB said...

I love watching movies that are only "so-so" when it comes to critical acclaim (and there are SO many) but that truly claim my critical spirit! Wow! Thanks so much for the "review" and how it touched you!

Tam said...

I miss you.

Been thinking of you quite a bit the last few days....

Seriously woman...IDAHO...come for a respite with Jesus.