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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I don't know if I have mentioned this before but misspelled words BUG me. Particularly words that take on a whole new meaning when misspelled. I'm not claiming to be an editor or a grammar teacher, it just bothers me when context is lost...though it does make more sense how we struggle to understand the Bible...when we can't even master our own language.

Rather than rant and rave (or in addition to), let me just show you.

I am going to the store.
I am going too the store.

I am to tired.
I am too tired.

This belt is loose.
This belt is lose.

Did she lose the money?
Did she loose the money? *Unless referring to releasing money from the top of a building or something...

I ate the whole thing.
I ate the hole thing. *Unless referring to a donut...

But there is one word that I believe we have misspelled as a society. The word is History.

I was sitting in church last week and the preacher was talking about history with regards to our role in history. He reminded us what a small speck we are in the GIGANTIC picture of Universal history. He reminded us that sometimes we attempt to conform history to our own story, but ultimately we are called to be part of God's story.

It dawned on me this what it's all about...HIS-STORY.

Talk about an 'aha' moment!

Speaking as someone with little to no interest in traditional history lessons, to think of it in terms of HISSTORY, makes it much more relevant and pertinent to my own life as I find my place in HISSTORY.

I hope you have a Hisstory making day!


God Junkie said...

Welcome back friend.
Thought provoking post, and I am a total word nerd.
I only struggle because of the gender many place on to God, typically male. But HisHerstory is not at all a catchy word. Good thoughts sister.
(We are neither male nor female... one in Christ, Gal. 3:28)

Dawn said...

I have checked so often to see if you were back - and now I've missed two. I'm so glad to see you back. I've tried to find your e-mail to see if you're okay.

Welcome back!

Janice said...

About some misspelled things I share your feelings, just not your skill!

I recently heard of a Christmas play where the Children in a public school were singing a song called "Christmas Love" and the kids all had cards that were turned over one by one with the title on it, you know... "C H R..." when they got to the "M" it was like a "W", and all the audience laughed thinking this cute little child had it upside down... until the end. it now spelled CHRIST WAS LOVE! Awesome for a public school to have the message of truth!

Just found you recently... hope you won't mind me stopping by. I mught even join you on the no sugar thing... The thought terrifies me too!