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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


...makes me think of the Archies "big" hit. Okay, so maybe NOT that big anywhere except in my adolescence...but it was big to me.

Day 1-3 of sugar-free food is complete and wasn't as bad as I far. Ever since I started to walk during breaks at work I began losing weight, add to that...sugar-free and I dropped another 2 1/2 pounds. I'm down 8 pounds already since I started 2+ weeks ago. That's including the weight I FOUND over the weekend as I binged on sugar and did a major carb-load, so really I've lost a total of about 11 pounds. The goal is obviously to lose them and not find them again!

It reminds me a lot of when I stopped smoking. I expected it to be horrible (and I know there will be rough days)...but God is so great and honored this obedience with a start-up day that was not only live-able but was actually pleasant. The second day was a bit more challenging, but we went grocery shopping last night and in my label review, I found some sugar-free foods I can 'snack' on.

I am also trying to remember the ultimate goal is NOT to lose weight, but to be obedient to God. The weight loss is just the added perk.

In other news: If you find yourself here, please send a prayer upward for our previous Pastor's wife (Amanda) and her family, as she is pregnant with fraternal twins. It appears one of the twins does not have a heartbeat. I can't even imagine the pain of that loss, but I do know God never forsakes us or leaves us and she needs to be lifted up for that reminder.


Shalee said...

Good for you Kim! I've seriously given thought to the no flour way of life to see if I can rid myself of the 15 I've gained as of yet. If I can just get myself to start walking over the lunch hour, I know that will be a help as well... You're an inspiration!

Swandive said...

total inspiration.
thank you Kim!