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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ask Not--Have Not

I was talking to the friend I've known the longest...about the whole church thing.

Her suggestion is that I contact the churches I would consider visiting and let them know what I'm looking for and see if it's a 'fit'. If not, she suggests I ask if they have a suggestion for another church that might better match what it is I'm seeking.

A part of me thinks that is SO egotistical, because church is not supposed to be about, or for me...but in a way it is. It's supposed to be MY community, the place I come together with others (like-minded) and we can corporately worship God together. In our current 'community', only a handful of the 700+ people even speak to us or have made any effort to get to know us.

A part of me is scared that the right 'fit' isn't out there.

A part of me wishes I lived in a less...what's the PC term...RELIGIOUS State. I know it's not just this State. I've visited other places that were extremely rigid in beliefs and in my interpretation left NO room for the Holy Spirit to even show himself, much less move through the congregation.

I don't know if I need to delve deeper into what church is supposed to be...or get to outlining what MY CHURCH is supposed to be. I guess I have homework either way.

In the meantime, I'll go where and when God leads me and try to's all part of the journey!

Okay Lord...I'm ASKING!!!!


Dawn said...

It has been fun to have you back in our lives. I feel bad that you struggle with this issue so much. It makes me wonder why I'm so content with my church situation!

Just Me said...

Hey Girl....I live in, what's considered the Bible Belt of our area - so I get your cry about sometimes wishing you were ina less religious state! BUT...the good news is, that means there must be a church there somewhere for you. And yes, 'fit' does matter in someways. God has created you with specific gifts, that are supposed to blend in and become a part of some 'body'. Right now, your piece is either missing....or it's functioning where it's supposed to be. If you're spirit is feeling it's not a 'fit' - then it's probably not. Stop trying to make something fit, that might not be God's will for you. On the other hand, ask yourself if everything IS a fit, except you don't know people yet. If that's the case....then figure out a way to 'be' the person who reaches out. If you've done that, and it's not working....then you may have to do as your friend suggested, and start being the 'secret shopper' again. Phone around - research- ask questions. Then...go and visit...Pray before you go. Ask God to heal and wounds that would make you see the church thru the wrong grid. Ask Him to help you see where He is working in each church you visit -t hen ask Him if that's where He wants you. He DOES have place for you! Whyelse would He tell us we are to be a body - "fitly joined together'?!! I'll be pryaing for you!

Tami Boesiger said...

Lord Jesus,

I don't know what Kim needs, but You do. Give her direction. Help her see what the lesson is supposed to be. Give her a place and people she feels at home with. You call us to fellowship with one another and promise to meet all our needs. We trust You to fill this one in Kim's life. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Her spirit is waning.

In Your name,

Becky Wolfe said...

Choosing a church can be so hard, I know this too, and even once you've chosen, getting in & dealing with the politics can be even worse. our church has just gone thru a split. It seems overwhelming that a handful of Christians can't even agree but it was a stalemate. We've chosen to follow the preacher and start a new church with some of the others. The whole act of it has been messy and could have been such a huge turn off to church life in general. But we sense God in this too, and are following along to see what He has in store next in this world of uncertainty. I think He will point you in the direction you are seeking eventually! Even if there are some bumps along the way!