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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Get Behind Me Satan!

No sooner were the words...We're committing to this church...out of my mouth then Satan reared his UGLY head.

I got an email on Friday a.m. from the women's pastor (AKA: New Pastor's wife) just saying 'thank you' to all the women who attended a recent gathering to blast-off the new women's ministry that would have small groups for women with similarities to help them 'connect' to other women in the church. The email went on to say they had made a decision to forgo this new endeavor as it seems to be quite a bit larger than they anticipated...perhaps? I don't really know the reasoning behind the withdrawal.

I do know I am horribly 'bummed' about it.

Yes, they will still have Bible studies (2-3 per Fall/Spring) and yes they will still have social gatherings quarterly or semi-annually, but no small groups specifically for women. They do have small groups that meet monthly for families, but trust me when I say there is a HUGE benefit to having women's small groups! Not just a benefit but almost life-sustaining for women, who are inherently relational.

My heart knows I need to trust God on this...I'm just struggling on the heels of this news, especially after sitting through the huge gathering of women and getting pumped about it. There were probably (in 2 meetings) well over 150 women ready to get started.

I'm praying God gives me some peace about the whole thing and the Bible study is enough to help me 'connect'. I'm also praying the small group we 'land in' is the best fit for us.

On the heels of this news and my own Sunday angst, I was a little less than enthused at church today. It was a good message about fears and some of it really hit me on the head/heart...and being the third David and Goliath message in 4 months, I'm wondering if God is trying to tell ME something specifically or if the "Book of Sermons" for the summer is inundated with David and Goliath material.

Lord help me maintain a positive attitude and put my WHOLE heart forward drawing on the positives from the past and ignoring the nagging voices within trying to self-defeat before we even get it started.

A De-churched Wanderer...


Brigitte said...

I have been wanting to mentiuon this for a while - but look up the NCMI (New Covenant Ministries International) team on the internet. They have relating churches all over the world, perhaps there is a church near you that you could visit... just a thought.

I love your stained glass works and I am so happy you are back. I have missed you!

Rachelle G. said...

Yes, you have the right idea... trust God in it. But how disappointing! I SO resonate with your church struggles. Even after we "committed" to a church, it has been hard to remain committed amidst changes and the fact that everything isn't "perfect." But hang in there... I love reading about your journey!

Kristen said...

Hey! Long time no see! I've been hopping around lately. Glad you were able to find me again.

Thanks for your prayers for my current situation. They are greatly appreciated. I'll try to keep updates going as I find out more.

Good to see you again!

Nancy said...

Hang in there! God will lead you in the right direction and I am sure He has something in the future just right for you.

Dawn said...

Well, I have to say that's the first time I've heard of something being cancelled because of TOO MUCH participation. Weird!!

Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I must remember them.

Shalee said...

Just remember that no church will be perfect, Kim. When you commit, it's not really to them that you're making the promise. It's to God, knowing that he can work through any situation that is either encouraging or discouraging depending on your point of view.

If anything, it may be that satan has been working with your searching, knowing if he can keep you from committing to any church, he might be able to keep you from trusting in God. Keep the faith and know that wherever you choose to worship with a congregation, HE will be there with you.

Becky Wolfe said...

That's a serious bummer. Who would cancel something because of 'over participation & enthusiasm'? Really! Why not just ask all these enthused & desperate-for-women-fellowship ladies to give a hand in the organizing. I'm sure she'd get some volunteers in a heart beat. If that many women showed up, me thinks they are craving it. I know I would be too! I hope that gets sorted.

Its been almost 6 months since I've 'committed' to this church but yes, there are still some Sundays where I think 'is this the one?' so you're not alone in those thoughts. God is there! As He is in most know...'where two or three are gathered'

GiBee said...

Sometimes, great ministries get set aside due to overwhelmed, exhausted leaders who can't get enough volunteers to help man/run/host the ministry... I wonder if that's one of the problems she was facing?

Can you talk to her about hosting and/or leading a small group for women in your home at a time that's convenient for you?