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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Kind of Acts

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"Blessed Be Your name
When I'm found in the desert place
Though I walk through the wilderness
Blessed Be Your name..."
~ Matt Redman ~
Lyrics from "Blessed be Your Name"

I have always been an actor. I can put on faces for any occasion. I can act. Acting is a wonderful and entertaining ability. Acting is not conducive to the lifestyle of transparency to which Christ has called me. I struggle sometimes to separate the two.

I have sung this Matt Redman song on more occasions than I can count on toes and fingers and many all honesty...I was acting. I see the words. I hear the words. I even sing the words. But there have been so many times when I heard myself singing these same lyrics and one of the masks would appear on my face. The mask of praise and worship. This mask hid the misunderstanding beneath. This mask hid the lack of wisdom. This mask began to fade and expose the truth.

The truth is there are days when I find it very, very difficult to sing these same lyrics. There are some days when I want nothing to do with these words. There are some days when frankly...I want nothing to do with Christianity.

These days, when I wake up to say: "Forget it God...I'm not playing this game today!" God doesn't come down and kick me out of bed. God doesn't 'guilt' me into worship. God doesn't say a thing. God waits.

God waits for me to come to Him. He waits for me to bring praise and worship...not just in words, but in attitude. THIS is the God that I gladly...even joyfully bring praise and worship to. This God that waits...quietly, assuredly, knowing my heart...He waits!

Blessed be HIS name!