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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Crazy Beans

Out among the vast and testosterone driven masses, lies a small...almost non-existent fantasy football league. And among these manly men, carrying their masculinity in their lists and a genteel, fairer one...who has decided to arm herself with a team for the 'girls'.

I have a friend who is a SPORTS FANATIC...and I am not using that term loosely. She knows more about Basketball, Baseball, and Football then almost any man I've met (except my 10-y.o. nephew). She decided to play along in this league and asked me to represent at the draft as she is busy, busy, busy with work!

I went. I picked...and I believe I conquered! I withstood some criticism for my selections. I read some disparaging (but not horribly so) remarks that questioned my ability to choose this team. It is done. I brought home the pigskin and fried it up in my mind!

The thing that struck me is I made my picks almost entirely based on my...come closer so the guys don't hear intuition.

Don't repeat that anywhere it would kill them, because you see, I'm fairly certain my picks were just about as good as theirs. In all fairness I did look at the top performers based on the league stats, but was my heart that sold me. My co-owner was pleased. We may have to make a couple of free-agent drafts because of early injuries...but we'll see where it all winds up at seasons end.

Yeah, there was question about our 'name' but that's a name we're also saving for a local coffee shop where we'll serve 'manic mocha's' and 'edgy espresso' one day in the not so far away future. I'm going to be a baker in the little shop (and co-owner hopefully) and we'll just visit with the locals and enjoy our free evenings...ah but I'm getting ahead of myself.

For now, it's FFB and the Crazy Beans are representin'!


Dawn said...

Hey, I don't drink coffee, but I'll drop by for the smells and gossip!

Dawn said...

Me again - about the brussels sprouts. I don't even think about eating veggies when I'm binging!

And I wouldn't eat those either - ever. Do you remember the Leave it to Beaver episode where they couldn't go to the football game unless he ate his sprouts?