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Thursday, August 09, 2007

30 Days Later

I'm here, I'm here!

Things are much the same. I'm working tons. I only have access to the computer at night and with the hubs and I actually getting time together...well, understandably the writing has taken a back seat.

We've been staying busy. We see at least a movie a week. None of them have been overly impressive...though I'm looking forward to the Bourne Ultimatum movie we're seeing this weekend. No Reservations was a bit of a disappointment. Live Free, Die Hard was good. Ratatouille was good...and Fantastic 4, The Silver Surfer was also surprisingly entertaining. Nothing award winning, just okay...and enough to beat the dog day afternoons of summer.

I've also been working on some stained glass I'm going to sell in a friend's shop she opened this summer. I'll include some of the pics.

I've shown the 'fruit of the spirit' piece here before...but it's one of my favorites.

The blue "Hand of God" is actually my hand.

I'm working on another sign language "I love You" and another really large piece to go above a door in her shop as a 'gift' to her for allowing me to show pieces there.

I'm also hoping to show other art work there, but we'll start with this and see how it fairs.

At homes projects are taking a back seat until fall when it's cool enough to undertake the painting and outdoor work I would like to do.

I've had to shave the dog twice in less than a month because of the ever rising temps. I guess the solid rain through early summer really spoiled us with regards to temperatures. The evening walking may be relegated to video tapes if it doesn't get any better.

Work is in flux with personnel issues and position changes...I won't bore you with the details.

And church...well after trying out several churches of different denominations we've really narrowed it down to 2 churches. Both of them are large, though one considerably larger than the other, with over 10,000 members. We decided to just focus on the very first church we visited some months ago.

We're going to North Church and trying both men's and women's functions as well as Sunday service and small groups that meet monthly. This is the church where we know a few of the families that attend. It's a good church. It's got 'good bones'. I think there are some wonderful people here..and any trepidation I'm feeling could just be from my inner-man rebelling from lack of discipline and regular Bible study.

I confess I almost reached apathy with regards to religion as whole. I never have, and I pray I never WILL lose hope in God...I just feel so challenged with CHURCH and this never-ending pulse that tells me in the words of Brian McLaren...We ARE missing the point.

And so I'll plug in and give my all (or whatever is left) and continue to pray and seek the very meaning of church and Church and CHURCH!


Dawn said...

Hey, it's good to see you again! Sounds like a very busy, productive time for you. I trust you'll fall in love with this church and that it will be where you can find fellowship and the love of Jesus.

Thanks so much for stopping by to encourage Kristen! IT's tough.

Becky Wolfe said...

Welcome Back!

Your stained glass is beautiful. I love stain glass and am always searching antique stores for original leaded glass windows but I seem to be too late to catch on to how great they are. And the ones I have found were waaaaaaay out of my price range.

We just watched "Blood Diamond" tonight. It was harsh but a very good movie. Anything about Africa can usually get my attention.

Like you, now I'm waiting for cooler temps to do some painting both outside & inside. Can't wait till Fall.

Glad you're focusing on a church. We're feeling the same way & have managed to be 'away' the last few Sundays. Preaching is good, worship is great but a few of the 'denominational trends' are forcing us to take a step back & look at our comfort level. I feel its a place I want to be but somedays being out hiking on a mountain, with the beauty of God in front of me, does better for my soul than sitting in a pew. Being out there with my fellow believers, now THAT would be church!

GiBee said...

Oh, Kim! They are stunning!I love the blue hand with the red heart... BEEE-utiful! You are so clever and talented!