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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Truth is Out There

True Story #1: My husband and I were talking the other day about how he can't handle me touching his feet. He literally bucks like a wild animal. Thankfully I'm okay with not touching them...but it got me to thinking...

I asked him what he would do if Jesus were here and attempted to wash his feet?

He said, without pause or second-thought, "I just hope I wouldn't kick him in the head."

I burst into laughter at the picture of my husband kicking Jesus in the head for touching his feet. He then reminded me that since God created him, He would already know not to touch his feet, because God clearly knows how sensitive my husband is, to touch.

2nd True Story: I came home from lunch today, as I do every weekday, to let the 'girls' outside for a brief reprieve and I called for the 'big dog' who is now about 10 y.o. and she didn't come. My imagination was starting to get carried away with thoughts of an early demise in my house and having to find her somewhere in the house.

But somewhere in the distance I heard a slight scratching noise and as I looked down the hallway I saw the bathroom door was closed.

You see big-dog likes to lay in the bathroom, because it's the coolest room in the house and she runs HOT temperature with her long hair. Add to that, she has a 'cone-collar' on because of 'cherry-eye' she's developed late in life. You know where this is going.

Somehow she got in the bathroom and probably as she turned around to lie down she shut the door with her big cone-head self. I tried to open the door but she was so close it was getting caught on her 'cone'. It was funny for me, probably a bit scary for her. I got her out and she headed straight to the back door for some ventilated freedom and a bathroom break.

True Story #3: I still love my job. I am still very busy and still learning new things daily. I had one of the staff call me today and this is what she asked me:

"I'm calling because we don't know what you know and what you DON'T KNOW yet."

I politely informed her: "There is still a LOT I don't know, but I'd like to think I know a few things. Why don't you ask what it is you need and I'll let you know if I know it or not, yet."

I think she was pleasantly surprised I was able to help her. I know I was!

Yeah for KIM!

I guess that's pretty much all my TRUE STORIES for now. Have a TRULY inspiring Thursday!


great2beme said...

I have to say the true stories are the ones that lead to thinking and inspirations. They allow us to see others people's cross they are bearing along with the joys and blessings they receive.
thanks for sharing your stories today.
Love, Michelle

Shalee said...

"I just hope I wouldn't kick him in the head."


Sally said...

love these stories- I can just see it:
Jesus now please don't be offended but my feet are sooo sensitive...


Dawn said...

Love the true stories - I am afraid I'm with your husband on the foot touching issue - has to do with tickling when I was a kid, I think. But I love the thought that Jesus would know that we didn't want our feet touched!

I'm so glad you've learned so much in your job already. Great news!

Kev and I finally posted Chapter 4 today.

GiBee said...

"Bathroom break" ...


Oh, let me catch (hahaha) my (hahaha) breath!

Betcha didn't know how funny that really was! You know... a break from the bathroom to have a bathroom break??

Yeah. Nevermind.