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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Water Water Everywhere

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It started out as a way to stand in unity for those in Africa who not only don't have clean water, but also don't have "clean" of HIV/AIDS. It frightens me that this pandemic continues to deplete a nation as we (in our Nation) continue to thrive.

I drink a lot of water and always have. I do NOT drink tap water. I do NOT drink any water that "tastes". Having lived in Colorado for much of my youth, I learned at an early age that water does not NORMALLY have a taste. I still miss that clear, crisp water. I have come to drink bottled water or filtered water because water sometimes does have a taste. I am admittedly a bit spoiled about water.

When I took on this challenge of 'water only' for 2 weeks, I didn't give it much thought. I just thought it was for a great cause and I really felt God wanted me to do this. I also knew my savings would be minimal from a financial standpoint, but the lessons I would learn could be life-changing.

You see, I also drink tea, soda, juices, COFFEE (I love my morning and evening coffee)...and many other beverages when I have a yearning. So I knew the first few days would be a bit rough.

The first week and a half was horrible. I had incredibly intense caffeine headaches daily for most of the day. I took medicine to alleve the pain, but it continued to throb for the most part. I prayed during that time and asked God to take me through the pain with my thoughts and prayers for those in Africa, not my own lack. The headaches continued.

When my husband and I went to movies or to dinner as we do weekly, and even at home, as he prepared his soft drink or coffee, or tea, I sat with my water (albeit bottled), and did my best to appreciate this clean water instead of complaining about what I REALLY wanted. There were days I thought I was going to cheat, but I realized it wouldn't even matter...except to God and me. I just trudged through thinking often of the DEADLINE approaching, and forgetting about the REASON for this challenge.

My savings, the amount of money I will send to this campaign is minimal in the 'big picture' but this experience is the daily reminder, as I grab my coffee or have some tea or make a decision for bottled water, that I do have this choice. I can have a soda. I can have coffee. There are those who cannot and have never had clean water.

I am thankful to Erica for encouraging us to experience this challenge. I am thankful to God for our country and our clean water and all the many choices we have. I am thankful for our health and for the provision I so often take for granted.

I will send my $40 to this campaign and I will pray for them each time I enjoy any beverage.

Thank you Lord for my health, for provision, for a wonderful job, wonderful family and friends, for clean water and for the ability and desire to do whatever I can to show others who YOU are.


Dawn said...

Thanks for this update. It turned out to be harder than we'd think, huh?

My dad is better, and has come home. He has a long ways to go to be "well", but he's alive and home. Thanks - I just finished an update when I saw your comment.

pdiddy said...

I am proud of you!

Dawn said...

Interesting observation - lots of people say we look alike, but I have a hard time seeing it in these pix - thanks for the comment!

Kristen said...

That would have been an extremely difficult challenge for me. I don't know if I could have done it!

Great job for committing to the cause and having the strength to carry through it!

Pam said...

Now this was a great thing you did and even a great challenge:)

It really is amazing what we take forgranted - something so small as a cup of coffee or can of soda.

Thanks for the reminder:)

Butterfly Kisses said...

Awwwww thank you again for participating. I feel VERY ashamed to admit this, but I did cheat a couple of times. I feel horrible that I did....especially after reading your post and hearing about the poor caffeine withdrawals you went through. It's so sad...that there are so many out there who'd do anything for just one glass of fresh, clean water and here I am not even able to drink only water for two weeks. I'm still pitching in the money I did spend on caffeine...the $2.00 or so that it was. And I also raised $20. I stay at home all day....and the only other beverages I usually do purchase are with fast food meals...or my iced tea, Pepsi 24 packs at the grocery store.
Thank you for raising so much and for sticking through it.

great2beme said...

I have never been apart of this maybe I will be soon.

Tam said...

Your obedience will be blessed, that's certain. It seems the bigger lesson is what we are all capable of when we rely on Him solely. Even in the small things like what we drink.

We are a spoiled nation and it shows.

God removed soda from my diet several months ago and I occasionally ask Jesus if I can have one...he agrees, I get it tastes awful now. I don't ask for them anymore.

God just asked me to stop drinking coffee. Just a week and a half ago...praise Him, I had not one headache, but it has been a bit harder than soda. He has allowed me one or two and they truly just don't taste as good as they used too.

God showed me that I was allowing those to be substitutes for Him. I let those things make me feel good instead of seeking Him to make me feel good.

So, I suppose I have been on a water diet with you and not knowing...

Praising God for what He revealed to you in doing this for Africa!

swandive said...

Gosh - I feel like I have missed out on something really good. I had no idea you were doing this, and am so inspired. Thank you dear one.

Karen said...

What a great blog, I saw the link on Spookie's blog. Wow, great discipline, how awesome.