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Friday, March 23, 2007


I have a new product endorsement (unpaid and unsolicited). You know the English muffins that come in the orange plastic wrap...I think the brand is Thomas. Well they have a new Bagel Bread and MINI Bagel Bread that made my breakfast this morning, in MORE ways than one. They ROCK!

Ever since the re-launching of the re-cycled Atkins, Low-carb craze...bread has...well...been less than 'toasted'. Rather bread has been BURNED! I miss the days of bagel breakfasts at work and home, even at church. I miss the green chile bagels and the chocolate chip bagels. I miss the everything bagel. One of Thomas' bagels IS the EVERYTHING bagel! Score!!!

Yes I understand the perils of eating white bread and all those starchy carbs as they convert directly to sugars...with my biology degree..but nothing beats the smell and taste of wonderful bread! I just have a hard time believing satan made bread and all bread products like doctors would have us believe!

The other nice thing about Thomas' mini-bagel is it is much smaller than a regular bagel. I know I can go to Panera and get what THEY call a's just not the same as the Bagels you could get back East or even the Einstein Bagels. These mini-bagels are still about the same size of a small hamburger bun, but they probably won't kill me quite as fast!

While we're on the subject of diets and dying...are people fools or WHAT? We flip back and forth on the diet thing as fast as the marketing companies commercialize them. We go from carbs, meat, fat, sugar...I could go on and on with these BANS...then there's the flip side: ONLY soup, ONLY grapefruit, ONLY cabbage, ONLY wonder we're all crazy and feel like we're starving! We still haven't mastered the core of 'EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.'

Satan knows all about our ways and I am almost certain he's at the root of all these diet cycles. You see the truth of the matter (OUR God-inhabited Matter) is that the very spirit within us, God's HOLY Spirit, brings with Him a FRUIT of self-control to help with the moderation of our lives, including our diets. There are other fruits you might be interested in as well: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and that wonderful aforementioned self-control. These are all found in our LIFEBOOK in Galatians 5.

I sure hope you're not on a FRUIT-FREE diet, but even if you are, these fruits will ONLY make you more healthy and wonderful. Claim the fruit's there just for YOU...and enjoy these mini-bagels too.

Could someone please pass the low-fat cream cheese?


Tami Boesiger said...

Amen, sister!! It's so frustrating trying to figure out what you "should" eat. Doesn't the Bible say God has given us all good things to enjoy? You're right, moderation is the ticket. Now how do I get there?!

Dawn said...

I know everything I need to do to be healthy - my cravings just don't stop! It is so frustrating. Good stuff!

GiBee said...

YOU GO, GIRL!!! I'm trying to be on a full nine-fruit diet from my Life-Plan, which of course, is found in the Lifebook in Galatians, as you mentioned!

Clever girl!

Now ... for the REAL question ... why didn't Thomas's put SALT on their everything bagels? Because THEN ... it would truly be perfect.

Nancy said...

Great thoughts... moderation, it is just so hard!

Sally said...

well said- enjoy all things in moderation- I'm right with you there Kim.

Dawn said...

I named you one of my five Thinking Blogger Award recipients today. Check it out. Well deserved!

Tam said...

oh how I love how you think. You have been blessed girl!

Speaking of thinking, I think it's time I received a call from you...I just got a message I need to pray with you and I find that a blessing!

Besides I selfishly need the "girl talk"....

P.S. laughed and laughed over the Jesus and Paul's feet story!

Spookie the Warrior said...

Very good Kim, just what I needed to hear!!

Rachelle said...

Has anyone ever bothered to count the number of times BREAD is mentioned in the Bible? I take it as my personal and Biblical responsibility to eat as MUCH bread as possible! Mmmm... and I love those Thomas mini-bagels.

You're so right on -- everything in moderation. Including exercise, ha ha.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Ye shall know them by their fruits....I pray that fruit is what people see when they look at me. And they'll know we are Christians by our love.