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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Friend!





Everybody help me wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend Tammy! Go on over there and give her a ‘Happy Birthday’ shout-out today!

Here is a Birthday Quote (or three):

”Live as you will have wished to have lived when you are dying.” Christian Furchtegott Gellert:

“May you live all the days of your life.” Jonathan Swift

“Your life is a gift from the creator. Your gift back to the creator is what you did with your life.” Billy Mills

where you can find out a little bit of what was happening on this date in other years…more than just “the day that will live in infamy”.

I hope you have a fantastic day of celebrating the day of your creation. Celebrate your birth and celebrate the Creator for marking this date especially for YOU! This is the day God breathed life into you and said… “This is MY creation! This is the definition of bliss!”

Happy Happy Birthday Tammy! May God bless you with the best year of your life, starting with today! To health, love, joy, peace, prosperity and overflowing blessings coming and going!

And don’t forget tomorrow (12/08/06), over at Morning Glory's place, is the Christmas Tree Treasures. So get over there first thing and … well in her words….

“The idea is to post photos, as many as you want, of the special ornaments that you hang on your tree each year. Share with us why they are special to you. Maybe they are family heirlooms, things your children made you or you had as a child, or special theme collections -- whatever it is that you put on your tree that brings you pleasure each year as you decorate it. Maybe it's the tree topper.”

Blessings on this Thursday!


Praying for your Prodigal said...

On my way over to Tammy's right now. Thanks for the heads-up!

You are a great friend!


Morning Glory said...

What a clever girl you are and what a very sweet birthday tribute to Tammy. That's a neat little poem.

Thanks for the plug for the Christmas Tree Treasures tomorrow. I think it's going to be fun.

Butterfly Kisses said...

So, I was reading through Psalms this morning and got the idea for a new meme called Psalm Sunday. I thought that each Sunday would be a different Psalm. We'd start with 1 and go to 150. And readers wold share how the Psalm spoke to them, a story they may have behind that Psalm, what verse they liked the most from the Psalm...whatever. Anyway, I was wondering if you knew of anyone who can make cute little header or banner images for the meme. That is one thing I can't do...and I think you have more blog friends than I do...

kpjara said...


I LOVE the idea of a "Psalm Sunday" and I'll get the word out about a banner and I'll work on one as well...though my own HTML is lacking...I've been working on it.

We'll get something together. I'll leave you a msg (or email if I have it) when I hear something or direct the 'banner-creator' to you, k?

I can't wait til it starts!

kpjara said...
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Miche said...

Thanks for the blog dedicated to my Sissy. I'm sure she'll love it. How fortunate she is to have you as a friend.

Nancy said...

I love the birthday quotes. You are a great friend to spread happiness on her special day.

tam said...

What a terrific friend I have in thee!

I LOVE, Love, LOVE my poem (what are those called...when you come up with a line for each letter...???)

Brought tears to my eyes for how you see me, how you shared, and the quotes and verses you provided...

thank you my friend, thank you!