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Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Feast #124

How do you usually celebrate on New Years Eve?
Typically my husband and I (if he’s not working), have a nice dinner together, watch a movie (or two if I’m still awake) and turn in well before midnight. Occasionally the ‘girls’ will wake up to fireworks and we will wake up to calm them and ‘kiss’ in the New Year.

Name one thing unexpected that happened to you in 2006.
It would have to be re-developing a relationship with my brother. We hadn’t really been in regular contact until a family crisis and since then we have spoken regularly and realized we have much in common in terms of beliefs and thought process. I decided I LIKE him!

Where was your favorite place you visited in 2006?
Honestly, we didn’t travel much in 2006 due to final year of Paul’s school, but when we went back to Albuquerque to visit we stopped at the ‘tourist spots’ along the way and I really enjoyed the Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo. It was artistic and a bit spiritual actually. I also enjoyed the big cross in Groom Texas. We had never stopped and we did and aside from the ‘tick invasion’ it was inspiring.

What resolution is your top priority in 2007?
I don’t ‘do’ resolutions but my TOP PRIORITY without question it is to work on writing a book and submit short stories and articles for publication. Get my writer’s feet wet!

Using Just 3 words, Describe 2006.
Cathartic, closure, overflowing

Have a fun Friday and safe New Years Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh now I'm singing a of my favorites. *Amarillo by Morning--Amarillo is where I'll be*...

Howdy to a Texan from another Texan.

Loved your feast.
Do drop by and sample what I've served this week.

Dawn said...

We got more snow last night - unbelievable early winter we're having. Maybe the drought cycle is over!

Loved yesterday's post about "downsizing." So many changes are going on at the graduate school right now that directly affect me very negatively. I am so frustrated. Makes me want to retire! I wish they'd ask us in the trenches before they make sweeping decisions. It'll never happen!

Have a glorious 2007!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your feast. It's nice to read about your redeveloping relationship with your brother. Hope the relationship continues to flourish.

Have a beautiful New Year!


Anonymous said...

Overflowing!!! I like that!

local girl said...

That's great that you got closer to your brother. Hope you have a wonderful 2007!

Judy said...

Happy Friday and welcome to the feast! It's a great way to "meet" new people. I'm glad to hear about your relationship with your brother. Unfortunately it often DOES take a crisis of some sort to make us appreciate family.

And... good luck on your writing! I'm more dedicated to mine this year as well.

Jenny Ryan said...

So great about you and your brother! The same thing happened for me and my brother last year :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 2007..glad to hear of your relationship with your brother!

Anonymous said...

My family has gone through some ups and downs, complete with estrangements that I never thought possible. Life is full of surprises and challenges.

Happy New Year.

Cool Mama said...

Hey there! Happy New Year!! Trust your Christmas went well! I liked this post - it made me stop and think about the blessings I've had this year...and what my top priority is for the coming one! I've already started my 'downsizing' - must have been in sync with you and not even known it!! Been going thru every cupboard in my house, getting rid of broken things, things I was going to get around to fixing, or just plain 'duplicates'! I felt like the Lord's been telling me to stop living like He doesn't bless me, or meet my needs! husband's never seen our cupboards so bare or organized! yeah! An...the thing about the, I can identify with that too! Let me know how you do - I'd like to give it a try too!! ( Are you sure we aren't sisters??!!)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year sister. That was cute and I love getting to know our brother better too. Your blog was cute. I am finally back!

Sally said...

Happy New Year Kim, may it be a year filled with grace and peace, and overflowing with blessings.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, KP! I can't wait to BUY some of your publications! I know you are definitely going to succeed! Have a blessed new year and a relaxing holiday weekend!

Dawn said...

Just stopping by to say Happy New Year! I love your writing and know you will do great things!